Sonic Impact i-P23 Portable Speakers for iPod

I wish I could use these with my GoGear. They’re nice and compact. sighs sell some generic mp3 external speakers please!!!

Sure is quiet in here! You’d think maybe they have BOC’s over there at Woot or something.

Everybody’s all excited about the possibility of finding treasure in a bag of crap. Doesn’t make much sense to me, but there you have it…

why must it have a flower case??

Sonic Impact makes some great stuff. I’ve got a couple of their products and they rock!
But I just can’t get past that design on the outside of the case! I’m so cheap that I’d carry around a “woman’s” speaker system just to save money. But this thing is black, peach, pink, orange, and a little yellow. Would ANYONE carry around something like this? It hurts my eyes! I’m sure it sounds great though…

$89 at target.

I’m pretty sure this was originally made for Roxy, aimed at the teen girl market.

Well I guess you can probably spray-paint it

I wish they were offering a choice between this design and the Quicksilver design. This one is marketed towards woman only, that’s not right. Nothing personal ladies. I would just rather have the other one.

Sonic Impact Portable Speakers for $19…YES!!!

Stupid Design on the outside of the case…no.

Quit teasing us and bring on the black one.

This is why they make duct tape…cover up that girlie stuff

While I’ve read some reviews from consumers that say they are disappointed, usually for various reasons, most of the “professional” reviews seem positive.

This one is pretty objective

I think for $20 you can’t go wrong with these.

edit in for 1

There is a wrist strap in the package so when not in use, you can carry it around like a little hand purse.

Great price for this product, I really don’t mind the design either. Not for me though.


Anyone know why shipping is taking so long? Used to get my orders in a few days time, now it is in a week and a half.

Interesting that in the sidebar on a similar-sounding and similar-idea website (in “woot!” replace the “w” with “st” and replace the “!” with “si”), the manufacturer is advertising this speaker, though the “Roxy” edition that is ever-so-slightly different than this one. The ad doesn’t give the price though; if you click through, you find the price of $119.99. But you get free shipping!

Does this work on all apple I-Pod

awww sniff poor sellout.woot. I wuv you too, little guy.
(seriously, that description made me wanna cry…lol)

sellout is the only woot not sold out. what a misnomer!

Oh I like!! Even though I already have an iPod speaker set…this just seems so cute and portable, flower junk on the outside, AND an alarm clock? Like totally in for one, duh!!

Bought 3. Don’t want to hear the arguments from my daughters that they all wanted one.
Hi Amy, Danny, Zackary, Bradley, Adam And Nathan :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: