Sonic Impact i-P23 Portable Speakers for iPod

How do these bots keep beating me to the comments?



Does this work with my Sansa? :slight_smile:

will this work with my power cord?

No thanks… Next!

that case is teh ghaey.


Try this wooter built in MS Access - only tool I had at work. Download to desktop and run. It automatically opens woot when a BOC comes up! Worked like a charm last wootoff. I feel guilty using it only for myself and friends. Check back for updates. NO SPYWARE ! If it doesn’t work for you read the Readme file. I’ll get a stand-alone version up before the next wootoff.

Well, your sister’s the second one…pms abounds in the house this week, though…lord help me!


Is it the Roxy model? great price if it is !

Is this Zune-compatible?

:slight_smile: No response required or desired.

will work… suck though


Oh for Heaven’s sake…digital camera already! Enough with these speakers…

in for 3

Are these the waterproof one, I saw on TV sunday?

poopies, big giant poopies. at least it will go away fast :):slight_smile: