Sonic Impact SI-Link FM Transmitter



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New Sonic Impact SI-Link FM Transmitter, for $0.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Sonic Impact 5026 SI-Link FM Transmitter

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haha only works from 88 to 89.5


Pretty bad reviews


Broadcasts between 88 MHz to 89.5 MHz ???

Good luck in the city.


I haven’t seen or heard of a good review for any fm tuner on this planet. What i’m really looking for is an aux in adapter for my car since there isn’t one on the cd player.


manufacturer link … now, here’s the funny part … they have it on their website for $19, and woot is selling it for a buck … so even if woot is making a 50 cent profit on each piece, how much is the manufacturing cost of this item ? a penny ??? or did I over estimate the manufacturing cost at a penny ?



Reading the Manufacturers site from a previous comment, I started reading about their Soundpads

From the description:
“Sound quality will vary from excellent to awesome depending on the surface you peel and stick them on… They will blow your mind!”

I wonder if this product varies from excellent to awesome.


“or did I over estimate the manufacturing cost at a penny ?”

Dude, if you sit down and contemplate the manufacturing cost vs the retail price vs our economy vs corporate CEO and shareholder richness vs poor starvingness to people who are BORN INTO IT for more than 5 seconds…

You are amazing for simply not having an ANEURYSM.

…Or you are really dumb, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you are amazing :wink:


The same way we expect the transformer to work.


well, I just scanned my radio stations between 88 to 89.5, didn’t seem like much was there. But it’s hooked to a really crappy antenna.
Whoa-that must be the trick to get it working

Any idea how much free air it needs to work without interference?
Oh well, I’ve got 3 stocking stuffers


if its crap get a cassette adapter. those work nicely.


I got this but a got it from another site for free!! google checkout ftw!

This works perfectly fine for me. I live in the city, and it works just fine. The sounds quality I get from this is a lot more than i expected.

I have like 3 radio stations between those frequencies, but I’m still able to get this to work… One of our stations is like 88.7, and I just go to like 89.1 and it works perfectly.

If you get it make sure you mess with the wheel for the station setting until you get the loudest sound from the station you are aiming for.


Vacant frequency locator by zip code


Thanks for this…that site will come in handy.


Thanks for that AWESOME link!!!

While traveling this will be very useful.


Stay away from these. Don’t transmit at ALL, just a waste of money and time. Don’t even bother with any online mods you see. In order to get even 5 extra feet of signal strength, you have to have a constant external power source. Please, don’t purchase these POS.


I have a Belkin that is identical, and I love it. On the other hand, I have a Philips that doesn’t work for longer than a second before it loses signal. I think your mileage may vary on these.


I bought one of these for $17 when FM transmitters were a new thing. It’s not even worth the cost of the packaging it’s in. It really is a piece of garbage. Don’t bother buying it. On the rare occasion that it does actually work and when your radio picks up its incredibly weak signal, the sound quality is horrible.


im in for 3. no kidding… at $1 each i can open them up and see about soldering in a thin wire to improve its range. i did this to an old radioshack unit and it made a world of difference.