Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod

sellout.woot should change there name to outsell.woot… cuz that’s what this one is likely to do tonight… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links… p.s. anyone watch the game tonight?.. I missed it.

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod
condition: New

$49.99 + $5 shipping

oh. nm

I would assume you need videos already downloaded on your iPod for this to be worthwhile?

I picked this up from woot. It works like a charm and comes with a remote!

Does anyone know if this thing is really any good… anyone with experience with it?

Regarding the game… I was embarrassed for the Rockies… but what do you expect with 8-day layoff…

Does this work with the new iPod Nano with Video?

woot off next door.

I bought this from Woot a year ago for $85. Worth every penny!!! Sound is AWESOME! Picture is very good. It would get a great on picture if the screen were just a little bigger. But trust me, it beats the ipod screen hands down.

Comes with a cable to allow you to hook it up to another display using composite output. As well, it can also play video from outside sources using it’s composite input. The cable also works directly with the ipod so you can hook your ipod right up to a tv without this player.

I use this most on trips with the kids. Load up the ipod with movies, set up the playlist, turn on the player and then lock it down with the hold button so the kids can’t mess with the volume or menu options. Sure beats having DVDs getting scratched up.

This is a must have for video ipod owners! It also sounds great playing music too.

great review from ilounge


Big Con? $300 pricetag :slight_smile:

I bought this deal over a year ago. It is the best ipod accessory out there. The image and sound quality are great. Even if you just want portable audio the speakers are pretty good. The remote is pretty slick too. This is a real deal.

Wow… looks like a cool ipod accessory for once! Too bad Im now switching to a zune =)

Does anyone know if this works with the ipod classic??


xThese are great, I purchased 4 of them from sams club auction at $40.00 each. I use mine all the time, at home, on the road and when flying, it sure beats looking at that small screen and the speakers are great, they have a rich sound, and they retail for $179.95 at your local sams club.

Hey does anyone know if this will work with the new 80 or 160 GB models??

Yes it does

yes all the video i-pods, both past and current and the new line

I would also like to know if this works with the 160GB ipod classic. On their website they only mention 5g at latest so I’m not sure…

I know you didn’t say it, but I wonder if it works with the iPod Touch?

Then again, I don’t think I need this for my iPod Touch…