Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod

If only my nano (2nd gen.) had video.

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Cheapest found is $62, which is “recertified” (refurbished, I assume?) or $70 on eBay.

Does anyone know… is that Nina Hagen on the screen?

That looks cool, but I don’t see any use for it. Then again for kids when traveling I bet is a godsend.

I bought one of these on woot a few months ago. Definitely worth $55, but be sure to switch the video out settings on your ipod or it won’t work correctly.

And don’t forget kids, unless this has an Apple authentication chip in it, it won’t work with an iPod Classic. I haven’t seen any mention of it, and the image has a 5th Gen iPod, so I’m assuming it doesn’t. Does anyone know for sure?

Edit: Looks like it doesn’t.

I’ve been looking for something like this. Anyone here have one? What do you think?

Awesome price! Ive been waiting for something like this CHEAP!

its really cheap… retail is like $300 and i bought mine on woot for $90. this is the 2nd time ive seen this for $55 on this is byfar the best product for an ipod player. if you go to it is the best seller.

Straight from Sonic Impact Technologies…make sure and read this if you want to watch videos on the 55

The cables from apple will cost you 50.00 bucks to use the 55

JKGM, that is absolutely correct. It will only work with iPod Videos, not with any Nanos (even the new ones with video), the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPod Classic. It will only work with iPod models that do not require Apple’s authentication chip inside the accessory. All current models of iPods check for this chip, so unless you’re rocking the old iPod video, you’re out of luck.

But I have an old iPod video! So I might pick this up!

I edited the above for clarity, if Wootbots want to update my quote in the first place.

I bought one of these a few months back as a Christmas present, and the girlfriend loves it. The only drawback is that it doesn’t play DVDs. There’s another player out there (Panasonic?) that uses the iPod, but also plays DVDs and Divx. That one was going for somewhere around $100, so this is still a good buy for the $.

These are great…they were wooted at this price once before but those were refurbs…this is new…I have had one from Costco at 80…love it. Costco was blowing the last of these out at this price right after xmas, probably because they don’t work with the newest ipods…my 30 gig 5.5 is great with it. Finish on these is very tough and anti-scratch fingerprint…in for one I don’t really need :slight_smile:

Thank you for making that clear! I almost bought one for my ipod nano with video…

but you can still use the player as speakers with the extra accessory to allow the use of any mp3 player. the speakers are really great.

That would have been bad. Glad to have helped.

But it should be noted that this will probably play audio from any ol’ iPod with a dock connector without a hiccup. The authentication chip issue only affects video output, not audio, so if you really like the full and rich sound of a inactive 7-inch LCD screen between your stereo speakers, this is the dock for you!

Does this only work for ipods or it works for any mp3?

its made for ipods but it includes a converter to allow the use of any mp3 player with 3.5mm audio jack.