Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod

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New Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod

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got this last time.
Kicks ass.
No, it’s not hi def.
Yes, it’s $34 after shipping.
Great buy.
And Handbrake is free!

91/100 on AlaTest is pretty good.,2/

5 stars on Buzzillions is pretty great too.

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Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod

also, how does it come out to 34?
Im tempted on this one, brother has an old 5g lying around, might be nice for car trips.

Got this last time. We bungee-corded this bad-boy to the back of the headrest in the car, hooked it up to the car stereo system and BAM! Ghetto video player to entertain a 3 year old on a 7 hour ride to Albuquerque.

Best $35 I ever spent. I’m considering getting another one just in case something bad happens to the first one.

I’m not too sure this item is targeted towards me. What’s the point of this player?

If I’m watching a show somewhere where the player will be plugged in, I’d rather use RCA cables to link it up to a giant TV.

If I’m watching on the go, isn’t this player too bulky to be convenient (airplane, train, etc.)?

If you’ve got kids and have bought them iPod Videos, maybe this player is a good buy. But, for me, who is either on the go and needs something super-portable, or at home and locked into an entertainment system, this deal is one I’ll pass up.

Handbrake, free mac application that will rip a dvd and convert it to .mov or mpeg for ipod. “put down that cocktail your handbrake is done”

You could take this on airplanes and charge your next-seat neighbor to watch your inflight movie.

Or not.

bought one last time, its awsome and oyu realy cant beat it for the price use it alot more than i thought i would and the sound on it is acceptable for listening to music and such also.

picked up a second one today, may try to disassemble it and mount it in my car and save myself $300 on a indash one

I have an ipod video classic. Its my understanding I’d need to buy a cable to make them work, right?

Ipod store is really frikkin overpriced so its probably 20 bucks. Im tempted to get it so I can play music in my car/stereo/movie on tv. I bought one of those things that lets you play music in your car but you need a blank station and that thing can be frustrating as hell… and costs 60 bucks.

Edit: Can’t find the appropriate cable at the apple store (assuming I need one). Can anyone with more knowledge help me out? If you tell me which cable I’d need, or even better provide me with a link, I will name my first born child in your honor.

Am I understanding correctly that the player itself has a rechargeable battery…so that you can go cordless when on a plane or something? Also, it LOOKS like the battery charge may last longer (for video) than the iPod’s standard battery…so will this help give extended viewing time (again, when in the air or something?). Finally, will your iPod charge while plugged into this? Thanks!

Will this work with an ipod nano video? Thanks -

Will this work with my Zune?

Got one last time for my DH’s birthday. Love it! I’m going to steal it for the plane trip to HI. Woohoo!

I have an IPOD NANO 3rd Gen(new one) and it don’t work with video, just sound. Wish it did. Great unit, sounds good, looks great. I play podcasts and music through it. I used friends IPOD video classic and it works great. I have a 20 gig IPOD picture (Old one) and also looks great

Works great with classic, just not nano 3rd gen

how do i know what generation my ipod is?

You will want this cable from apple

You can find it cheaper on ebay but its third party and doesnt have a power adapter.
Search ipod classic tv cable