Sonic Peel Skin Scrubber

I guess when I got this I was reserved in whether it would do the job it’s touted to do. So, skeptical me kicked in and when I received it, I charged it for a couple of days. It didn’t need it, but I did it anyway. Putting it on a back burner till I could put it through the paces!

First time using it, I used straight tap water. There are other ways you can use this but I chose water to be the hydration point for my skin. It did a good job. My skin was brighter and didn’t seem to be very dry afterwards. BUT, be careful using this tool. It will definitely hurt your skin if you dry run it. You must keep something hydrating on your skin or you’ll pay for it with sunburn like pain.

Second time I used it, I was a little more comfortable with what I was doing. I used a light, water based product from Neutrogena® rather than using water just to see the difference. With the water, the heated treatment feature isn’t great. Using the lightweight water based product made my skin just glow. It was awesome.(Mind officially blown)

The skeptic will keep one of these around until technology finds a better way. It was well worth my time, the money and the wait.

Will definitely (and have) recommend to friends and family.

Thanks for coming back with the review!

You are most welcome :slight_smile: