Sonicare FlexCare Electric Toothbrush

Sonicare FlexCare Electric Toothbrush

Good morning, Wooters!

Does anyone know, if this is shareable with family members?

What I mean is, if we get replacement heads, can the be removed 8 times a day (family of 4) and not have the heads just slip off during use? Or should I get 4 of these (Never happen)


The wife and I have one each, so we have never tried your technique. But our brushes are just friction grip. No magnets, no twist lock or anything. Just push on (at least our versions are).
So that much on and off would seem like it would loosen the grip after a while. But others may know better.
Good luck.

Thanks for sharing, cainemarko!

That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.

Do you each have a charger? Or can the base hold 2 brushes?

If 1 charger what is that little nipple looking thing that looks like it could be a 2nd charger? Just a stand?

Thanks in advance

I might be wrong, but I think the little nipple looking thing is a place to hold an extra brush head. From the “Specs” tab:

“(1) Deluxe charger with cord wrap and brush head storage”

Thanks, CrystalSinger!

For all whom is interested in buying realize this. Chances are you can have several handles with batteries using only 1 charger. I very seldom charge mine but it has it’s own charger. The wife keeps hers on her charger.
There’s such units called warranty replacements handle & battery HX9140. They all function about the same as long as the model your looking to buy has the 2 minute timer your golden. If it comes with the feature for tooth sensitivity turn that setting off and buy sensodyne. Diamond care etc. is a gimmick model for people who want the expensive shit not knowing any better. More features, more chance it’ll break. Anyway look for earlybird version. Buy just a plain charger uv sterilizer is a added benefit if you believe in it. I keep my belongings clean and using a hydrogen peroxide soak once a week is just fine or buy the replacement heads that have plastic covers. My original sonic came with uv gimmick and I seldom used it. These days haven’t used it in years last dentist visit hygienist said your mouth is about the cleanest I’ve seen in a while. Man she must see some nasty looking folks. Back to the sonic handle and battery buy something similar to the packaging shown. You won’t go wrong.

Theres lots of not so over priced brush heads on the market. I have tried a few the ones shown below seem pretty good as well but unfortunately no plastic cover. Now the ones below that on very bottom I haven’t used have plastic covers yet were the same price for 8 of them as 20 without covers. 2 different sites as well. Top Ebay (bottom Amazon) I usually don’t pay more than .25 a brush uneven if I have to buy 10 years worth. I splurged recently since I couldn’t find our replacements and needed them pronto yet both versions only arrived within a day of each other. Amazons excuse sorry unfortunately your shipment is running late.