SoniClean Black Series Toothbrush

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SoniClean Black Series Toothbrush
Price: $37.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Aug 21 to Thursday, Aug 24) + transit
Condition: New


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Do any other brush heads fit this or just the manufacturer?


I thought this was an unbelievable deal until I noticed that it’s “SoniClean” not the “SoniCare” brand made by Philips. I dug around but wasn’t able to really find much in the way of reviews, who makes it, or if these are as good as SoniCare brushes. I think I’ll pass for now since there really isn’t anything wrong with my current SoniCare, I was just drawn by the fancy black style.

Thanks for pointing this out…almost made the plunge.

Yeah, one really has to despise manufacturers who try to disguise their (typically) lower quality knockoff products by using deceptive names and packaging.

Kudos to you! thanks for the public service.

so this is just an overpriced rip off of Sonicare?

teeth are far too important to trust products like this with…


The 90-day Woot, ahem, warranty cough on a brand new item is usually a tip off to me that an item is either a knock off or grey market…

Someone give this person a “quality post”!

Yes, thank you. I almost did too, now not so sure.


Great catch and thank you! Woot’s Parent company Amazon prides it’s self on reviews and they have built an empire on just that so its wonderful when that system saves us all money. Thank you again for saving fellow wooters. maybe Woot will see this and offer a great deal on the SonicCare so us wooters can have shiny teeth at an affordable price. Nothing like spreading the woot word with shiny teeth and clean breath.


If this were a Sonic Care the brushes alone would be worth the price. Since it’s not, buying a pig in a poke seems too risky. Love Sonic Care, but this isn’t it.

Where is it made?

I’m sorry. It’s sold out. But probably China.

If you still want it, available on amazon at same price…

I actually did (dammit!)

I failed to notice that it was not a real Sonicaire and ordered one. That aside, I’m actually quite pleased with it. It arrived super fast (for Woot!) two days after I bought it. I used Sonicaire about 15 years ago and liked them but switched to Braun (now owned by Oral B) 10 years ago. Both are good in different ways. But I must say that this lightweight little SoniClean does an excellent job. My teeth felt as if I’d just returned from a hygienist cleaning after the first two uses. It came with 8 brushes. I’ll get another one if Woot offers them even cheaper.