Sonoma County Vella Cheese Company Mixed - 4 Pack

Sonoma County Vella Cheese Company Mixed - 4 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 High Moisture Jack
1 Jalapeño Jack
1 Garlic Jack
1 Pesto Jack

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Sparky, what’s the word? You got in pretty damn quickly.

Are these vacuum-sealed or paper wrapped?

Ooops… nevermind:


Well looks to be a decent deal since the price is $31 from them, not including shipping. I just don’t know if I want cheese.

The pesto jack is intriguing, but the others seem ordinary and pedestrian. I think I’ll pass on this one.

Noticed it says .5 LB is this a half pound times for or is this 5 oz times 4?

Half pound of each cheese.

It is 1/2 lb x 4! or 2#'s of cheese!

Yes, vacuum-sealed. High-quality vacuum bags

Wait, what? You can exist in a state of not wanting cheese?

Does anyone know how this is shipped? Does it need to stay cool? How long can it keep with out refidgeration? I get mail via diplomatic pouch overseas and it takes a few extra weeks… I want to buy this, but I don’t want it to spoil on the way to me. Ideas?

Thanks I just found it on there website after you posted. I am in for 2

Actually, it looks like the $31 does include standard shipping. So not that great of a deal.

who cut the cheese?

Yes, it should stay cool, but doesn’t need refridgeration. Even if it gets warm, it won’t spoil, it will just lose its shape. We use top-quality vacuum bags & the cheese is made w/ pasteurized milk so it can keep for up to 3 weeks out of refridgeration. It should be fine

Never had a pesto jack I didn’t like.

A day without cheese is like a day without sunshine. Bacon and Butter also fit into that category AND Wine.

With MarkDaSpark as First Sucker, one cannot go wrong. In for 2! Lighting up WA State!

Thank you for the info… 3 weeks makes me nervous b/c sometimes it can take up 4-6 weeks to get mail if it gets backed up at any of the airports… it’s got to get to Uganda. I’m going to try it and keep my fingers crossed b/c there is NO good cheese here and if this works well I may become a regular customer!!