Sonoma County Vella Cheese Company Mixed - 4 Pack

Sonoma County Vella Cheese Company Mixed - 4 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 High Moisture Jack
1 Jalapeño Jack
1 Garlic Jack
1 Pesto Jack


Previous offer:

I bought these the last time they were up. They’re so creamy and delicious! Even though we still have some, I’m contemplating buying more. :slight_smile:

Stop JACKing around and give me some Woot Cellars!!!

regretted not getting some cheese last time this was offered, so i was SO excited to see it on the woot! off

I bought this last time, while they are very good (we loved the garlic the most) I was a bit disappointed on how they were shipped.

Came in just a box, no ice packs, packing material, no thank you note, no invoice, nothing… just the cheese.

Not like I was looking for a golden box or anything, but a thank you, or at least an invoice and an ice pack would have been nice. Or at least wrapped up and not just thrown in a box. Presentation and appreciation means a lot. And cool cheese, at least it was not a warm day out. ~just saying~

@danaswan - i agree with you! was a bit shocked at the lack of care in shipping. while i realize that cheese does not have to be constantly refrigerated, mine was in transit for five or six days w/no cooling agent whatsoever. think i’ll pass on this one just because of the way my previous order was filled.

Just ordered this using a Deals.woot coupon. My first Wine Woot!

Can’t resist a good cheese :slight_smile:

Yuppers, isn’t having a deals.woot rep a nice bonus? Oh, good cheese too, but I still have some Teahive cheese left…but if that comes up again for sale, i’m definately in.

Never woot when you’re hungry…!

Picked these up last time they were up. They are pretty good and I’m glad I purchased, but at 12.50/lb I don’t think the QPR is all that great.

I got these last time they came around, too. I thought they tasted pretty good, but the texture was a little rubbery.

In for the third opinion… no cooling, no note. Have tried the jalapeno and the plain and they are good, but nothing that right next door home grown Wisconsin cheese can’t beat. Sorry.

@Annwat…I so agree! I would have ordered this again, because it was good, but the lack of shipping and well, let’s say it the lack of appreciation from my order was lackluster at best. I have ordered many cheeses from woot and have NEVER complained, because every order was perfect. But this shipment/company needs a class in shipping 101.

Didnt I just buy this last week??

FYI, just made some scrambled eggs with cheese using some of the jalapeno jack from this company. Delicious is an understatement.

Speaking of last week, has anyone heard anything about their order yet? I’m getting anxious here. Not to mention craving it.

Haven’t heard a peep. Considering it was ordered a week ago (this past Tuesday), I was hoping to get it by the end of this week.

Last time this was available (Oct. 20th), people started receiving it less than a week later. Hopefully the lack of tracking info doesn’t mean it’s not on its way.

I want mah cheez!!!

You can use the FedEx “track by reference” with the reference being your woot order number. This feature will locate your package without a tracking number.

Apparently my order left Sacramento, CA early this morning and is scheduled to arrive here in Alabama around Friday the 18th.