Sonoma Creamery Mixed Jack Cheese (12)

My son really likes the Pepper Jack and the Habenero ones. So time to order this again!

So this is something like… 5 pounds of cheese? It’s early, maybe I’m engaged in incorrect application of Core Curriculum skills.

5.3 x 12= 63.6 oz
63.6 / 16= 3.975 lbs. of cheese

When will you start focusing on organic cheese makers? It’s one of the few things I (and others) only eat organic and will buy a lot of…

I’m confused, how many bushels is this?

Since we don’t have volume measurements on these (the bushel is officially a unit of volume), we’ll have to resort to a secondary method of measurement.

At least in the corn business, a standard bushel is 56 pounds (the way most grain elevators operate, the net weight of a truck delivery is divided by 56 to get the bushel total, so bushels are effectively units of weight anyway even if they’re generally not stated in those terms). Twelve 5.3-ounce slices work out to 63.6 ounces, against 896 ounces in 56 pounds. That makes this about 7% of a bushel.


I bought this the last time it came around.

The cheese is very good, and has a surprisingly long shelf-life according to what’s on the packaging.

I haven’t gotten through all the flavors yet, but I found the habanero actually disappointing. It wasn’t nearly as spicy as I thought it should have been. It could have used a lot more pepper.

I know the hot pepper cheese probably won’t be as spicy either, but I hope it’s more balanced.

EDIT: I’d like to report that the Red Pepper cheese is infinitely better than the Habanero imo. There is a better pepper flavor, whereas I felt the Habanero flavor was extremely lacking.

make it metric and it’s priceless

Note to w.w: This packaging/shipping speed are not sufficient to get this to S Florida in prime condition…

Any advice on what to do with the 4 ‘outside’ cheese wedges that were soft and, based on the one I opened, oily?

I’m very sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I did. Can someone explain how math works wherever that person is from?

I mean seriously, I’m more annoyed now than I was when I got the warm cheese.

Oh man. I’ve got you added to my report for CS tonight. I totally get your frustration. Sit tight and again, apologies for the trouble.