Sonoma Envirostone & Marble Propane Gas Patio Heater

Anyone know if this could be configured to run off of a dedicated gas line instead of a tank only operation?

It’s likely that you could, even if the manufacturer doesn’t offer one. You can get a generic orifice (TWSS) if you’re handy. NG uses a different jet, but they are replaceable.

Buyer beware: on several sites (e.g., Mothership and Orange Depot) there are many complaints about the travertine top arriving broken, and several DOA complaints.
I was thinking of buying one as well. I don’t see a $500 retail price anywhere, but with real prices in the $350-400 range, this is still an awesome buy, IF it arrives whole.

Does the pulse ignition use a battery?

Quick google located a manual on another site. I don’t see any mention of a batter.


Purchased 2 of these heaters. Both just arrived and both marble tops are broken in multiple places. Waiting to hear back from customer service…guess the deal was too good to be true!