Sonoma Extract Trio: Vanilla, Lemon, Almond

Sonoma Syrup Extract 3-Pack: Vanilla, Lemon, & Almond
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Sonoma Syrup Vanilla Extract, 4oz
Sonoma Syrup Lemon Extract, 4oz
Sonoma Syrup Almond Extract, 4oz

This is the ONLY vanilla company I use. This is a great price, HOWEVER they make a much better vanilla that is called “Crush”. It actually has the vanilla bean seeds in the liquid. I refuse to use any other vanilla. If you read the ingredients on any other vanilla, the first ingredient is WATER. NOT so here. I refuse to pay +$32.00 for a bottle of water.

I also love the Crush but you can’t find it anywhere anymore except online and they want like $35+ for it! I started using vanilla bean paste, same 1:1 ratio and all the seeds.