Sonoma Gourmet Olive Oil Sample Pack 5PK

Sonoma Gourmet Olive Oil Sample Pack 5PK

A dollar an ounce?
I think I’ll pass.

Please explain why the 25% off coupon code “COMEBACK” for spending $25 on “Grocery and Household” items on 7/24 doesn’t apply to the Sonoma Gourmet Olive Oil Sample Pack. I was curious why the $25 max wasn’t reflected in my cart when I tried to spend $113+ on the olive oil, Skinny Sticks Maple Syrup and Woot! Hearts of Darkness coffee.

Hi there. We have an issue where appsclusives, while grocery items, aren’t showing in the cart as grocery items. I believe @davejlives is looking into this for future promotions.

For now, all I can do is apologize. Sorry for the frustration.

Thanks! The frustration was very mild. I’d hate to be the one who has to sort out the “Grocery and Household” items from the “Kitchen and Home” items.

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Has anyone received their order of olive oil? Purchase date 7/25 and still in “preparing order” status on 7/31.

So, it’s late Sunday night and I was thinking the samething. Other than the conformation, I haven’t heard Boo…

3 days since my post asking why it hasn’t shipped and still no word at all. I really want the product that’s the only reason I haven’t disputed with woot yet. First thing they always do it cancel your order and charge back.

Hey there, these Gourmet type orders generally take longer to ship in order to deliver the item as safe as possible. You should have received an estimated delivery date with your order confirmation and please reach out to our CS team if you did not.

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Thank you very much for your reply, I will look that up in my email.

YIPPEEE! The Eagle has landed. I am really impressed with this packaging… Zero chance of breakage as they are coccooned in Styrofoam.

P.S. - Worth the wait.