Sonoma Harvest Coconut Oil (2)

Interesting label. I guess in Sonoma, coconut oil comes from olive trees? What a wondrous place it must be!

Processed in a plant with peanuts makes it unusable by my family. Thanks to woot for including that info clearly in the description as I was close to buying, but would have needed to return it anyways.

we just started drinking a concoction for our morning coffee that includes coconut oil.

cup of coffee with a TBL spoon of high grade butter and a table spoon of coconut oil. blended in a blender (bullet blender).

pretty tasty and no cream or sugar.

This not really a deal. You can get organic 100% pure coconut oil cheaper per ounce on Amazon.

FYI, it also works as a great lube for…activities.

Maybe there are places in Colombia, India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka named “Sonoma”.

Hey, if they can grow iPhones inside apples with a bite missing in the fairy land of Cupertino, anything is possible.

Or, you know, they could just be company logos. :wink:

The going rate for organic unrefined coconut oil is c. $7/lb. A good price is $6/lb – Trader Joe’s. I love it and use it in lots of ways, but this is not a good value at $10.67/lb.

And the fact that they cannot even specify country of origin – “Oil is a product of Colombia, India, Philippines or Sri Lanka. Packaged in the USA.” – shows that this is a commodity product. Don’t fall for this.

Coconut oil is also the ONLY oil to use in popping popcorn… NOTHING else comes close.

But this isn’t much of a deal as you can get 2-42oz jars of Kirkland Coconut oil from Costco for this price…

What, that’s not an actual photograph???

Somewhat ironically, I’m sitting here reading this while eating a bowl of popcorn popped in, way hey, organic coconut oil. Sprinkle a spoon of brewer’s yeast instead of salt and you’ve got a tasty snack!

Don’t listen to this person, people – fall for it, please! Buy all the organic coconut oil, so we can move on to moar wine!

Google ‘Oil Pulling’

Not a deal at all.

I ordered Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil – 54 fl oz for less than $20.

My son drinks that; seems to like it.

Any chance of a repeat of the Pedroncelli SB & rose???


Hi WD, are you sure about that “no cream” bit? What’s the butter made of?

good point. winefarm is lactos intolerant and this concoction doesn’t bother her. so think of it in those terms I guess.

It sounds like a good solution, in that case.