Sonoma Harvest Flavored Honey (6)

Does honey ever spoil? What’s the shelf life of this?

No matter how much I wrestle with this, I can’t come around to the notion that this is wine. Can you drink it? No. Can you make coq-au-vin with it? No. Would you look forward to a glass of it after the kids have gone to bed? No. Am I missing something?

I’ve shared this before, but these are EXCELLENT (and they make great gifts). I still have a few unopened jars from the last Woot-off, or I’d be buying more. <;]

Honey doesn’t really spoil; you may occasionally get some crystallization, but you can just heat the jar in the microwave or in a pan of simmering water to get everything re-amalgamated.

Have been trying to order and keep getting server error. Anyone else having same issue?

I first chalked it up to the bag of crap sale but that’s been over for 5-10 mins now.

When/where is your error occurring?

I’m trying to order - just loops the checkout - can’t complete
and when I close cart cart is empty.
Tried a shirt that I did NOT want - same problem and on all devices
Tried to order BOC which was first time this happened. and ever since.

Those of you with ordering issues–have you used Amazon payments for orders before? Sometimes there can be a hangup there if it’s your first Woot order through Amazon (not sure why).

cant buy! cart just reloads over and over and over and over.

I just tested the checkout to see what would happen and encountered the same issue. Is there a moderator in the house? We need help!

I WANT MY HONEY! buy I can’t get it!!!

Same Problem here too… I have a meeting in 5 minutes… so, hopeful you can get it working before then.

I’ve kept trying different additions and deletions from my cart, and it appears to have just started working again–check to see if your issues might be fixed now as well!

We’re still working to get Amazon Payments working. It seems to be working sometimes but not all the time. You might try a different browser. But the problem is definitely on our end, not yours.

Not working for me - I add to cart says I have in cart - I proceed to checkout
Then it just loops the page endlessly
I try to place order can’t
when I leave cart says 0 in cart