Sonoma Harvest Oils Mixed (5)

Sonoma Harvest Oils Mixed 5-Pack
$44.99 $65.00 31% off List Price
(1) Sonoma Harvest Avocado Oil, 16 fl oz
(1) Sonoma Harvest Almond Oil, 16 fl oz
(1) Sonoma Harvest Grapeseed Oil, 16 fl oz
(1) Sonoma Harvest Walnut Oil, 16 fl oz
(1) Sonoma Harvest Hazelnut Oil, 16 fl oz


Time to learn more about the Almond Oil and Avacado Oil

Really great product, they offer a variety of high quality items!

How did you come to hear about their products?

Which ones have you used and in what ways?

Did the product change your life?

Holy suspect generic comment, Batman!


I didn’t see any info there! Can someone point us to a place that tells how these oils are pressed/processed? that’s so important, and I can’t see any info on it anywhere on their site… but I haven’t had my coffee yet…

If they don’t say they are cold-pressed they likely are not. I’ll stick with the coconut oil I get at Sam’s Club.

Really mature comment pufferfish, its nice to see that you maintain high level of intelligence…

I have used a large variety of their products, I am a chef in a high volume restaurant in Sonoma and on a regular basis I use the thier Fryer Oil, Restuarant blend, olive oil as well as a variety of their line of vinegars. In the past I have used some of the specialty oils for vinaigrette’s, such as the walnut & hazelnut, the grapeseed is great for the high smoke point and I personally enjoy cooking with the avocado oil at home…

I try and source as much local product as possible and I came across their line in a local specialty store and I reached out to see if they worked with distributed as well as did retail. Luckily they did and I’ve been doing large scale volume with them for about 3 years.

I see you’re here from the Internet…

Instead of generic immature insults, you should try to understand that your first comment sounded like a non-informative shill for the product. Thanks for following up with more detailed responses…

No one gets my humor. I am the Internet’s un-funny Uncle.

Thanks for coming back to answer some questions. People around these parts get a bit skeptical when a new person posts good things about a product. Some companies have been known to do this to shill their own product.

I’m glad that’s not the case here and that you have not only used these oils but are happy to let others know.

Poor Puffer.

I thought you were funny. I also read the post you’d been put on probation for, back in the day. I liked that one too.

Besides, Blowfish is still my favorite crypto…

I get you.

That was actually pretty mild compared to some previous posts. Especially (as pointed out by some) when there was no evidence (that little white box next to your screen name indicates you didn’t buy this, nor any information in the initial post of how you knew about the product, etc.) that you weren’t a shill for the company.

Thank you for the information as to how you found and use the oils. It really helps.

However, do you know of any differences in their Retail products (here) versus their Wholesale products that you use?

Do you have to be put on a list for that?