Sonoma Harvest Truffle Oils Mixed (4)

Sonoma Harvest Truffle Oils Mixed 4-Pack
$42.99 $65.00 34% off List Price
(1) Sonoma Harvest Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml
(1) Sonoma Harvest White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml
(1) Sonoma Harvest Meyer Lemon Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml
(1) Sonoma Harvest Garlic Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml


giving it a go… fingers crossed, biggest x-factor: lemon

Note that no truffles were killed in the making of this product.



From the website listed above by Cesare, the individual bottles are $12 with flat rate shipping of $7. So you really only save $7 (before tax). Is this then even considered a woot???

[MOD: Different product]

Shipping is built into the price for wine.woot products now, so assuming all your details are correct it is a $12 pre-tax savings.

By which you mean there’s no actual truffle in these:

It’d be interesting to compare this to TJ’s Black Truffle EVOO. At $5 a bottle, it’s quite delicious to my untrained palate.

Know how to tell a poorly-trained chef from a master chef? Only limited-talent chefs have any kind of “truffle oil” in their pantry.

know how to tell a snob from a normal person? They needlessly criticize other people’s palates. I like Truffle Oil, I also like General Tso’s Chicken. Is that a problem?

I have seen this comment made on Food Network many times.

What bothers me is that the taste in these oils seems to be artifically created (without truffles).

There is a truffle butter sold here on Woot sometimes that has real truffles and is very delicious. I think I will wait for that to show up.

Also, why would a “master chef” come to Woot! wine to buy supplies for their master chef kitchen? The essence of truffle flavoring added to my “prepare dinner after a long day of work” meal will certainly never make it into the culinary hall of fame but it sure does taste good!

Different product, that has canola oil. This is EVOO.

Excellent point. I hope you’re only using locally-sourced organic ingredients when you make that after-work meal.

I have to say I’m not a huge truffle fan, and that’s based on eating them right there in Tuscany. But somehow my friends think I love 'em, and included a bottle truffle oil in my xmas gift for the last few years. Make it stop!

What kinds of dishes do you like to use it for? Just pour it on things that you’d ordinarily finish with a really tasty evoo?

I think your probably right. Truth be told I’ve never had a real truffle in my life. I don’t think I even know someone who has!

How long would these be good? Could I purchase ahead for Christmas gifts?