Sonoma Harvest

i love, love, LOVE these flavored honeys! i’m in for at least two, since my stash is running low and they are wonderful gifts…

I’m a sucker for mustard. Anyone tried these?

Where does the honey come from?

The bees? :wink:

the company is based in california–is that what you’re asking?

ok, local cali honey? China honey?
Alpha honey? Lemon grove honey? Outside of USA honey? Where does the honey come from?

California Honey, Central Valley

Thank-you very much.

I gave the others away as gifts but the Champagne Shallot is delightful. I bought two sets and kept both those jars for myself.

I am thinking about making my third purchase of this wonderful product. The first 6 disappeared, the 2nd 6 is down to just a couple, and honey of course keeps virtually forever. If it thickens or granulizes just put it in fairly hot water for a while to soften and melt the granules.

Oh good Lord, don’t buy any foodstuffs from China, am I right? aarrgghhh!

Is there any update on when the honey orders will be shipped? Thanks.

Should be soon. Plus event sales are shipped after the sale concludes, thus the noted 5-7 business days for processing and shipping out.