Sonoma Syrup American Artisan Bar Mixers - 4 Pack

Sonoma Syrup American Artisan Bar Mixers - 4 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 No. 28 Classic Grenadine Syrup 8 FL. OZ.
1 No. 29 Sweetened Lime Juice 8 FL. OZ.
1 No. 31 Pure Sonoma Olive Juice 8 FL. OZ.
1 No. 32 Five Citrus Sweet & Sour Syrup 8 FL. OZ.

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Better than Rose’s? We go through about a bottle of grenadine a month.

Olive juice? What does one do with that, if I dare ask?

Isn’t Rose’s full of high fructose corn syrup?

I wonder what the drinking window is on these? :slight_smile:

Vodka martini. Sometimes olives come in a vessel of olive oil instead of olive juice. The latter makes for a far better vodka martini. So does a decent vodka.

Probably, but I also use a cellphone, so I’m screwed either way.

Olive Juice just seems like such an odd thing to include in a pack like this. Is there any benefit to using it in dirty martinis instead of the brine from the jar of olives that I will have on hand if I am making dirty martinis?

Much Better real pomegranate juice all natural

Not really. In fact I tend to prefer actual brine. But it IS a lot more juice per bottle than per jar (the olives take up a lot of space)…

Are there any lab rats for this? Really curious about the pomegranate syrup. The 29 and 32 look perfect for a margarita.

Much Better. Real Pomegranate Juice all Natural.

Makes the perfect Dirty Martini! Real Sonoma Olives double filter and a no lye process!

That is one big boat.

Dirty Martini of Course!

hello Sonoma Syrup. Welcome. it’s right for you to be here on woot. enjoy.