Sonoma Syrup CheeseDrizzler - 4 Pack

Sonoma Syrup CheeseDrizzler - 4 Pack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: All-Natural
1 Candied Fig & Vanilla CheeseDrizzler 6 oz. / 170g
1 Meyer Lemon CheeseDrizzler 6 oz. / 170g
1 Blackberry Currant CheeseDrizzler 6 oz. / 170g
1 Drizzlers – Artisan Syrup Sticks Gift Box - 35 Sticks/ 175g


Wait…uuuhm…I’m confused. Cheese SYRUPS? So many questions, I don’t even know where to begin, but I guess the main two would be WHAT and WHY?!

Wow! 7 minutes in we have one buyer?

What is this stuff???

Based on the section of their website for this
product, it looks like the retail price for this woot package (without adding in any shipping) is about $43.

From the description sounds like some tasty stuff that can be used both as a sweet compliment for cheese but also for other applications such as spread for toast, flavor in teas or cooking, etc. Very interesting flavors - want to hear more about this too:-)

Syrups is a new one on me, but I’m familiar with using paste (like a quince paste, or a fig paste) as an accompaniment with cheese. It’s not too unlike pairing the right food and wine, the right combination is divine!

How should these be stored?

Do they need to be refrigerated after opening? Approximately how long will they last before expiring?

-Thanks in advance.

syrups that are made to COMPLIMENT cheese. they are not made of cheese :stuck_out_tongue:

they sound amazing! i <3 love <3 honey and maple syrup with my cheese, so i hope these are half as good as they sound (at least).
last time i made a cheese plate there were 6 honeys. i’ll have to get more little dishes for all the new flavors to explore :slight_smile:

Have you ever had the Cream Cheese covered in some fruit as an appetizer at a party? That yummy stuff? This is similar. Adds a sweet tang to the cheese.

Based on my experience with pastes, I would say they are fine on the shelf until opened, and afterwords should be in the 'fridge. How long is a good question - pastes seem to dry out long before they go bad! (and even that takes a few weeks)

I checked out the Sonoma Syrup website and the label on the “CheeseDrizzlers” refers to the product as a marmalade. Perhaps that’s a more accurate description. I certainly wouldn’t consider them a syrup, so don’t let the name fool you.

You’re a mighty fine-looking cheese there! :smiley:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So it’s 3 small jars of expensive jelly & some flavored syrup sticks?

I thought Sonoma was a kohl’s brand of shoes and clothing?

If you need something to compliment cheese you must not be buying good cheese. Notice no one from Wisconsin buying this up…

They have about 18 months unopened and after opening please refridgerate for about 3 months.

The Meyer Lemon is in fact marmalade, The Vanilla Fig is a jam and the Blackberry currant is a preserve. All made with Sonoma Wine. The Meyer Lemon also has Dolce Wine and the Vanilla Fig and aged Balsamic. Wonderful Compliments to Goat, Blue and Aged Sharp Cheddar Cheeses.

Sonoma is a city in Northern California famous for their wines and culinary delights!