Sonoma Syrup Company

I like tossing in a little syrup in my latte now and then. Has anyone tried these out? (Specifically how cinnamony is the cinnamon?)

Very interesting offer here, though I would likely use them more-so for cocktails than anything else (I need more than a hint of flavor to make my coffee not taste like coffee). Not sure I like the different packs though. It would be awesome if the 6 pack was a combination of the two 3-packs and not different flavors.

Ha, I was specifically eyeing the Latte set because it’s a mite too early for me to be thinking cocktails! Currently I’m a Torani fan, so if anyone knows how the flavors compare, I am most curious.

What’s the shelf life on these, both before opened and once opened?

I think we are all feeling we just don’t have the necessary info to pull the trigger here. I’m interested for sure, but don’t wanna be a sucker since there is no sending back!

The syrups have an 18 month self life unopened and about 3-4 months after opening. Most of the syrups do not require refridgeration. Check label as those that do will say!

What do you want to know.

This syrup blends Vietnamese Cassia (the highest quality, spiciest cinnamon with 6% oil), Indonesian Korintje and Chinese Cassia Cinnamon into a sweet, hot-n-spicy delight. Think of this as ‘liquid cinnamon sticks’ in a bottle.

Thanks for joining us. I want to know nothing, but these other snobs… :tongue:

Thanks. Appreciate the info :slight_smile: Leaning towards giving some a try, but there’s no offer that has the ones I’d want all together… :frowning:

I realize you are going for a certain market segment, but i have been making my own flavored simple syrups for a while now and I have a few good sources of high quality extracts. These prices are exorbitant in comparison and I would encourage anybody considering these to look up a few recipes before they make the leap. A good quality simple syrup is dead simple to make as long as you have a source of quality extracts.

So it’s basically blood thinner and has no cinnamon in it?

I can understand mass produced junk using cassia instead of cinnamon, but a super pricey artesenal?

This just talked me out of buying the 6 bottle pack…

So are these (the Vanilla, Vanilla Crush, and Almond) “syrups” or are these “extracts?”

In other words, would I use these as I would vanilla extract or almond extract from say McCormick – Cooking? Meringue? Whipping cream? – or more as a topping?

Also, most vanilla extract in the stores has an amount of alcohol: 12-20% or so. Is there any in these?


Yeah, these do seem expensive for what they are. Torani and Monin syrups are about 1/2 to 3/4 as much but you get a full 750 mL at my local restaurant supply store.

I get it, these are handmade, but for syrup with flavored extract it’s the sweetness that will dominate. Then on top of that this is blended into another drink/food. This looks like a cost/benefit where cost wins out.

They’re extracts. The Vanilla Crush is the only vanilla I use when I really want the flavor to shine; I cannot stress enough how great this product is. I’ve tried some of the syrups as well; the lemon was disgusting and more sugar than lemon, but the cinnamon was dynamite, and the vanilla syrup was tolerable. If I were going to buy only one set, it would be the extracts–you will never regret buying the Crush. Make Belgian waffles with it, it will change your life.

If it’s the Vietnamese cinnamon, it shouldn’t be Cassia, it should be C. loureiroi; the Cassia is Chinese “cinnamon”, as I suspect you know. I’m going to guess this is a misquote.

EDIT: Nevermind the comment below. I was looking at the Latte set, not the extract set. The other set is all extracts.

I’m sorry, but those are absolutely NOT extracts. They may be made FROM extracts, but are not extracts themselves. All three bottles clearly state they are Infused Simple Syrups and the top two ingredients in all three are pure cane sugar and filtered water.

I agree, I only use the Vanilla Bean Crush. My cheesecake and flan are AMAZING with this stuff. You can get it two times a year (when the company micro-brews them) at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Home Goods where they sell for $12.00 a bottle. Hard to find there, but when they do have them, I stock up.

Saigon “Cinnamon” is still not cinnamon by a mile.

Regardless the sale is over…