SONOMIC RED Almost Vinegar (3)

Sonoma Portworks SONOMIC RED Almost Vinegar 3-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$39.99 $60.00 33% off List Price

I saw those three bottles and did a double-take. Any lab rats?

I almost bought some.

Might well be good, but just be wary of Amazon reviews as they seem to have suspiciously glowing terminology. There’s only 19 of them on one particular listing on Amazon and, for what its worth, Fakespot gives the reviews collectively an F for reliability/quality:


I miss woot wine.

Wellington never offered “almost” vinegar.

I can remember a few offers where people reported the wine they received was almost vinegar.

I miss wine woot too, the community felt more cohesive than over on casemates, despite the fact that most of the usual suspects from here are participating on the boards over there. The wine deals are still fine, though, and shipping is noticeably faster, for whatever reason.

Oh it is good! People love Sonomic, and they buy it over and over again. And that’s why they give it great reviews on Amazon.

Yeah cause you’re not biased in the slightest. LOL!

Of course we’re biased. But we stand by those reviews–what can we say? People love Sonomic, and they say good things about it. When they taste it in our winery tasting room, they always say “I’ve never tasted anything like this.” And then they purchase it. This is a great opportunity to get a good deal on it!!

Sure, like “This SEXY Nectar is between a classy port and I hate to use the word vinegar but I must! It is 50 shades of delish!” Please. That description holds no weight with me.

“…incredible! … I just drizzle some on top and VOILA, I’m like a gourmet chef! So far it has improved everything we have used it on and the possibilities are endless. We love it!!!” Sure.

“This stuff is amazing!!! I’ve never tried anything like it before. I am so glad my dietician recommended this product!” Uh huh.

“Its really versatile and adds an new option and dimension to our regular balsamic use.” What does that even mean?

“Its impossible to describe how good this stuff is…it doesn’t taste like anything you’ve ever had before…” Wow, for a vinegar.

Most comments are like these… for a vinegar. Not realistic. With all 19 reviews being 5-stars. Again, for a vinegar. Personally, I’m just not buying it.

yea, thanks for jumping on the boards particularly in what seems to be shark infested waters of late.

this is a very good product at an opportunistic price.

Thanks for speaking up. It is a good product and it is a good price.The doubters will just miss out on something delicious. Nothing I can do about that.

Some very intriguing comments on Yelp and I do love a good vinegar. Worth a try.

Thank you. Hope you love it. Lots of recipe ideas on our website.

I’m thinking about getting it as well. It’s not so incredible to me that people would wax enthusiastic about “a vinegar”. I’ve seen familiar people right here on this board, rejoice year after year when the Cavedoni balsamic shows up. No need for shills, the stuff used to sell out! So I don’t find it inherently suspect that people would go crazy over something like vinegar.

I’m in. I think it sounds interesting and salad and grilling season is right around the corner.


Last wooter to woot: InFrom

The salmon recipe in the write-up looks good. As does the brie…

It’s good! Splashed a little on a salad in lieu of dressing. Really nice. I think it will be good as a glaze on broiled salmon, just a light baste once or twice while it’s cooking.