Sony 1080p Upconverting DVD Player

Two awful reviews at Amazon

Support Website for this model

As usually, Sony is one tough nut to crack.

No region free hack for this one… And I don’t even think it supports PAL, if there was…


I’m relatively certain this is the model I bought at Costco for $10 more a few months ago. Machine works fine, no complaints. If you do buy it though make sure you’re ok with the ‘resume from the last place you stopped on any disc you’ve ever had in the machine’ feature. It’s really god damn annoying. Changed ours to the ‘resume from last place for this disc only’ option. No, those aren’t what they really are, you figure it out.

Anyway, if it’s like ours it comes with an HDMI cable which works just fine, the video is solid, lots of nice features. \ For a little while the HDMI was used for the PS3 instead and we used component (? the 5 cable one). I honestly couldn’t tell the difference on a 37" 1080p screen in a small living room. I don’t really care about things like region free so that wasn’t an issue for us.

Edit: we have the DVP-NS611H, this appears to be the DVP-NS611HP, i have no idea what the difference is

Just a reminder that you’ll only get the upconversion through the HDMI output.

edit: apparently the only difference is that the model with the number ending in “HP” comes with an HDMI cable.

sorry for any confusion

how would this compare to something like this one

which is about the same price but has way more reviews on Amazon

It says there is S-video, there isn’t one.

This is a barebones model but still Sony’s tend to be rock solid. But if you have a HD TV just buy a PS3 or a bluray player and get it over with.

does this thing support divx playback?

within the manual on page 40, it says divx is supported, but it is foot-noted that feature is only for DVP-NS717HP. apparently they share the manual. mpeg-4 has the same foot-note.

and actually, same page confirms no divx or mpeg-4 specifically for this model:

*1 DVP-NS611H and DVP-NS611HP can play video file in MPEG-1 format only

Wow, the prices on these upconverting players have really cratered.

Beware, there is no optical digital audio output, only coax.

Is it backward compatible to PS2…

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