Sony 12-Device Universal Remote Commander


[imgleft][/imgleft] Sony 12-Device Universal Remote Commander - Saturday, October 01, 2005
Item qty: 650, Last Order: 5:03 AM CST, Wooter to blame: crippen
Order Pace: 0m 27.995s, Woot Wage: $2,313.41/hour.


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WOOT AM I STILL DOING AWAKE!!??™ How many are asking this right now! [;)]

Sony 12-Device Universal Remote Commander $17.99 + $5 shipping

Best price on froogle is - $49! Great WOOT!!

Best Shopzilla price is $39

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Friday Night’s wootacular! What a great way to start the weekend! Me with my new BFGOC card listening to my I-Zod With my Puppy chewing on the left rear Speaker of my Mystery Brown Box Speaker set (Dude, yeah, you’re getting Dells!).

Of course - after a week of staying up past midnight every night, and getting to work by 7 am has made me understand that my Saturday Woot Up will be Sometime tomorrow night.

Searched on froogle has a price of over 30 bucks elsewhere!

And as always, stay the hell away from the site featured above me because sig spam sucks!

A link to some reviews!

Cheapest buy it now prices on e-bay


What the heck is that? $25.00 including shipping gets you a refurbished remote? Not a chance in hell would I buy that or the yanks win post season. If they have enough of these returned (refurbished), how good can they be to begin with. At least Bernie Williams and Tino Martinez were originally good. Ixnay on atthay


[quote user=“WootBot”]This message will contain product updates, a discussion summary, and other new information. Check it often for changes.[/quote]whoa, cool woot


I never understood the popularity of universal remotes. Every single device comes with a remote that is intended to be used for other devices, so at a certain point you have to ask why one would need another one. Now why someone would specifically invest in a designated UNIVERSAL remote on top of all the other ‘universal’ remotes is beyond me. Do you just throw all of the other remotes away? Is programming this one remote really worth it just so that you don’t have to burn another .05 calories picking up an additional remote? Not for me…


For the person with 12 devices… :slight_smile:


awesome woot…12 in 1


Nah, Refurbs R Us!


If it wasn’t so ugly…


Have one- need BOC soon


it’s a remote g-night


I can’t believe this item comes up the day after I just bought a Universal Remote… I day too late. But a good Woot nonetheless!!


cool woot

no thx though, nothing to use it on


Cool… these are great im In!!! now if Woot will rerun the 61" Plasma, I have the fundage now. Hmm… maybe this will work with my intelliblender??? or possibly my PodPeople Percolater… either way, I know it will work with my garage door, so count me in for 3!!


No, this isn’t MAC compatible.


WOW! I GOT MY 61" TV!!! YIPPEE! But i won’t buy this junk


No thanks… keeping my Harmony…


Who needs this sh–. I mean, really, it’s Friday night