Sony 1262-3330 Smart Headset with SmartKey Co

Yes! Smartkey control! On headphones! I have been looking for smartkey control on headphones! Everything should have Smartkey control!

What is Smartkey control?

Amazon… Not much cheaper on Woot, but looks like good reviews/ratings at least.

*Edit: Actually, with the $5 for shipping from Woot, it’s exactly the same price… So no cheaper at all, unless you’ve already got something else in your cart.

Need to make a note when you’re on the go? Press SmartKey and say what you want to remember. At a party and love the song that’s got the joint jumping? Fire up Track ID with a simple press of a button. Cool? But that’s just the beginning. SmartKey finds and controls all apps. Quick and easy.

Google is a fine machine!

Yes, google does work, but it’s a poor substitute for decent product descriptions.