Sony 2.1 300W Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

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Sony 2.1 300W Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $129.99
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The audiophile in me calls their bluff on the advertised output wattage. And while admittedly, wattage isn’t everything, 30% THD is the absolute worst that I have ever seen. 130mm subwoofer likely won’t rattle too much either (except for maybe your nerves).

Simply put, this promises to be better than the tinny (and tiny) little speakers that were installed in your new flat panel, but then again, so does a pair of powered $25 computer speakers.

Admittedly I have no heard anything from anyone in regards to first hand experience, however I do feel better having gone for a rip on the interweb

Reviews over at Best Buy

About the Best Buy reviews – I was pleased initially to see a 4.5/5 star rating with 644 total reviews on this item. But when I click on the reviews to read them, only 2 pop up, with a total star rating of 3.0. Unless I’m clicking the wrong thing, maybe there’s a glitch on the page?

You are clicking on the wrong thing. Or more correctly “Not” clicking on the right thing.

I, too, dispair that people choose “better than the TV’s speakers” sound bars over, say, a small amp and a pair of decent bookshelf spears, but this one is a PC Magazine Editors’ Choice for Soundbars.

But you can also get a class T amp and a pair of bookshelf speakers with eight inch woofers for the about a hundred more. You won’t get Bluetooth, but you’ll get superior sound.

I have a 5.1 Onyko system now with 4 surround sound speakers, a middle speaker, and a Polk subwoofer. The subwoofer is on the fritz so would this be something I could hook into that system to replace the subwoofer and maybe use the sound bar to replace the middle speaker in my current system?

I guess you could, if you cracked it open and monkeyed with the wiring, but I don’t think it would be worth the effort. You’d have to disconnect the left and right speakers from the internal amp so you could hook them to your receiver, and you’d probably want to hook them is series, since the impedance would likely drop too low if they were hooked in parallel.

You’ll be much better off replacing the subwoofer.

Thank you for the advice. I’ll pass on this then.


I told myself the sound on my recently acquired vizio 55 was fantastic and then I read the reviews on this unit.

I need bass for which all flat panels lack. 5.1, 7.1 meh. I don’t need ugly speakers awkwardly placed throughout the living room.

Btw, I read some of those links, I will need a mount. If anyone finds something a bit more reasonably priced than the ones on this site please post them up.

edit 25 bucks on amazon. search Sewell Direct Universal Soundbar Bracket

Wireless sub hidden under the end table. Wi fi for listening to music when cooking sounds pretty good too.

In for one, thanks as always for the temptation woot.

CNET posted a review of this one.

We’re redoing our home office this week and wanted to incorporate a TV so ordered this in addition to the Samsung UN32H5201A 32" 1080p LED that was on sale yesterday. Hoping the two will work out great!

We have a Vizio soundbar in the bedroom purchased through another previous Woot deal that’s been good to us.

There’s a desire for nice sound in the bedroom and office but our main concern is nice sound in those rooms, nothing earth shattering. We’re not interested in running cables through the ceiling and walls in those rooms, it’s overkill. The soundbars deliver on this.

We already have a nice 7.1 system in the Living Room (and soon the basement) where we’ve gone through this effort.

Just when I thought I was out, I read the reviews provided, and I’m back in for one.

I use Windows Media Center and no stereo receiver. This means my sound output is from the PC motherboard to PC speakers. Could I use this Sony soundbar in replacement of my PC connected speakers?

Please say yes-- would love to buy this unit if it works.

I don’t see why not. The manual show an analog in jack. You’ll just need the right cable.

You are right-- I’m in. Thanks for your response- cheers!

Mine came today, but I have to wait for someone to come over and move the box and help unpack it to set it up. I didn’t realize it would be about 30lbs. I will update when I get it out of the quality and the unit.

UPDATE: I received the unit swiftly and it was in marvelous condition and had the easiest setup ever. Good stuff. The sound is great for what it is. Glad I got this item.