Sony 20.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Optical Zoom

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Sony 20.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Optical Zoom
Price: $129.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Not too much out there on this camera yet I really want it. I would love the 35x zoom. Check out this article discussing how much camera zoom do you really need

I think that’s my first “First Sucker.” Do I win something?

Bragging rights. Also we expect you to post pics. Otherwise it didn’t happen, right? :slight_smile:

Question: I need a new camera. All I really use it for is taking pictures of items I sell on eBay. I sell a lot of coins so I need something that can take close up high detailed pictures in average to poor lighting situations (I take most my sales pics indoors under fluorescent lights)

So…Would this be a good camera for me? I know absolutely nothing about camera specs and focal points and cmos senors or whatever is in these cameras now-a-days. All I know is I need something to take close up high detailed pics.

Thank you in advance for any advise or suggestions you can send my way!

It doesn’t say it supports a Mac running OS 10 Maverick. Was that an error?

Not a bad deal if the refurb was done correctly but this camera is not for me because there is no optical viewfinder.

I’ve been selling marbles on Ebay for over 15 years now. So, the small size is equivalent to what you encounter with coins. I’ve tried a lot of different cameras over the years. For about the last 10 years all that I’ve used is the Sony DSC series. I’ve found that it’s autofocus gets the closest and clearest images for the small objects I’m selling. Right now I use a Sony DSC-HX100V. I looked up this camera’s specs on Sony’s site and the autofocus range is the same as my camera, you’re just getting 24mp instead of the 20mp I use. Bear in mind though that lighting is much more important than the camera. You’re really have to use a lightbox and 2 or 3 light arrangement if you’re shooting stuff to put on Ebay rather than to just shooting with natural light.

I bought this camera new from Best Buy about a year ago for $189.00, they did a price match.

I use it for ebay all the time, it takes great close ups and It’s great for regular everyday stuff too.

It came with Sony Batteries that lasted me MONTHS before I had to change them, now I use rechargable batteries and they last even longer. So long as it’s a good refurb, this is worth the money!

Bottom line on the specs:

  1. It’s not the fastest camera, but the zoom lens makes up for that for most average lighting conditions.

  2. It’s relatively heavy for a digital. A big part of that is because you can use easily-replaceable AA batteries, which are infinitely more useable than proprietary ones (like so many competitors).

  3. Megapixel-wise, it’s three years ahead of the best cellphone cameras. This is worth it if you need fine quality digitals. Invest in a mini-tripod, though.

  4. The flash is about 3X as powerful as most small digital cameras, but be prepared to use a lot of extra batteries.

  5. One thing that could have killed this would have been Sony memory sticks. Fortunately, you can use SD and microSD cards – I assume at least up to 32 GB, possibly formatted 64GB.

  6. Video is only 720p, not full HD.

  7. Conclusion – Your “all-day kit” will consist of extra memory cards and a holder for extra AA Sanyo rechargeable Eneloop batteries. Pretty compact overall.

It’s a fine camera, but even the $45 BenQ that was here would also do just as well for that specific purpose. [Here’s an example I shot: ]

But have you considered a flat-bed scanner? I sold a Mexican gold coin using one and it was great. Canon scanners that use LED technology are cheap and are often found used in thrift stores. The are powered off the USB cable.

I have taught eBay selling (not afilliated with them, BTW) for 10 years and had a Multimedia tutorial out called “eBay: Sell Smart From The Start.” I have a great collection of terrible eBay photos, including one of the seller’s dog sniffing the object being offered.

You can always pop out the card and put it in a card reader.

Yep. There is a lot of confusion about what makes a true DSLR a DSLR!
Single lens reflex means the image is transferred to the viewfinder OPTICALLY via a reflex system of mirror and pentaprism (or porroprism).

A camera like this with no electronic or optical eyepiece finder is essentially an overgrown compact camera with more features and a much longer zoom range.

Gonna be hard to use at the 35X zoom hand held, especially if your eyesight is poor and you have to hold the camera away from your head to see it well!

I have the Sony DSC-HX100V, despite having fewer MP, the DSC-HX100V is a way better camera. It has a Carl Zeiss lens vs a Sony lens, it has a back-illuminated CMOS sensor which is better than the CCD on this camera,it has an optical viewfinder, Full HD movies and other premium features this does not. Having said that, for taking Ebay pictures- today’s camera would be just fine especially for the price.

Yes, and what did you pay for your camera? $400? Remember this one is for a rock bottom price. So don’t expect all the bells and whistles. Actually it’s a steal given what you get for the money. As other posts said whether it’s worth the price depends on what you want to use it for. Do some research online first. You don’t need a high end camera to do macro for eBay. You don’t need 20 megpixels. You don’t need a long zoom. You need macro capabilities with a decent lens. You can get that in a new camera for the same price from any of the big mfrs.

Thanks for the great info! I really appreciate your advise. I’m so glad you mentioned the light box! I know my lighting has always been an issue with my pictures but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I think I’ll pick up this camera today and a light box!

You deserve a “Quality Post” for all the good info in your reply!

Which word didn’t you understand in my previous post “Having said that, for taking Ebay pictures- today’s camera would be just fine especially for the price.”?

Add a couple of cheap desk lamps with daylight bulbs (I buy a pack of 4 on amazon for under $10) and you are good to go. You can make your own light box easy peasy. Google for instructions.