Sony 32GB 9.4" Tablet S w/ Cradle

Tempting, but I’m hoping to get something awesome for tax free weekend.

Haha, I beat Wootalyzer!

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Sony 32GB 9.4" Tablet S w/ Cradle
$259.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $13 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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What a great big screen to stream movies from netflix on, my dear.

I’ve been looking for a tablet so I can woot in the bathroom. Would this suit the job just fine?

Awesome deal

Just bought a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and now regret it. Assuming a smooth upgrade to ICS, this tab is better if a bit smaller than the Samsung. Very nice price for a large (-ish) tablet with nice specs and the ability to expand storage inexpensively.

Wow, what is this thing? I have never heard of it, it seems like this does more than it should! I have a PS3 and have been thinking about getting a tablet but scared because of so many options out there… is this really a good deal?

I tried this tablet recently for the 1st time and was BLOWN AWAY by how good it is. What a pleasant surprise!

I’m typing on one right now… Excellent hardware… Excellent software… Excellent design… Excellent support… And thanx to Woot… Excellent price… Like Nike… Just Do It!

Looks like they are dumping this soon as the next version is about to drop.

Spec wise its not bad. Considering this one as a kids toy.

Good review for this:


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so does this come with a rootkit preinstalled? id like the total sony experience!

ICS upgrade right out of the box

Great specs, great price. What are we missing?

Amazon still has it listed for $479 and that’s not including the cradle!!

I bought an original Galaxy-tab and… well…

I dropped it off my lap while siting in a chair and the screen shattered.


Having the glass go all the way to the edges is a REALLY stupid thing to do unless you’re using “gorilla-glass” or equivalent.

OTOH, I’ve dropped my Nook Color COUNTLESS times, including having it slide off the roof of my truck to the ground - I just KNEW it was going to be WRECKED! - but other than some scratches on the plastic housing, it’s still good as new!

This seems to be a much better design than the Galaxy-tab, and has a plastic frame around the glass to help protect it from stupid accidents.

If I didn’t already own 2 Android tablets I’d be all over this - considering it comes with the docking-station too?!

Looks like a GREAT deal!

ETA: Looking closer, what I thought was black plastic seems to be blackened glass around the edges… Still, it seems a bit more robust than the GT, but I’d search for user-experiences to see if broken glass is common before I’d leap…

In 4 1. Even after some bad decisions recently, I really like the Sony tabs. But was too cheap (and) gunshy with Sony. T this price… It’s time to give them a shot.

Does the cradle charge the tablet or just allow it to sit up nicely?

I just looked at the extra photos and didn’t realize I tested one of these at the store. The folded over wedge was wicked but came in handy for using as it has it’s own built in prop. The interface was smooth and wasn’t very sluggish or choppy when scrolling through the menu & options.

My only reserves are I don’t like a wider than taller tablet (more rectangle) and I didn’t look for cases but assume they might be more bulky given the design.

To add this is an amazing deal especially considering it is the 32GB model, and if that isn’t enough it has the option to connect to an external HD.

I heard it installs with each app or mp3 you try to play on it.