Sony 32GB or 64GB Xperia Tablet w/Cradle

Why? I have a Sony tablet and I love it.

I recommend not playing in the street without a helmet.

Mine has asked me if I want to update…

Not sure about Amazon streaming but it streams Netflix beautifully.

THIS!!! As an IT technician, I cringed hearing the person describing the issue of being bogged down over time. This is only if you are someone like a grandparent who just runs everything and never closes it: Has 38 tabs open because they don’t want to lose their page. Also a red flag when they describe it have having “32 GB of ram” for storage. That means they probably don’t know the difference between a gb of ram and a gb of storage. So this man is right; the ram is plenty for the average user.

That being said, I don’t own a tablet, yet, but am seriously considering this one.

I’d like to see where you’re getting a Note 10.1 for $280.

Poking in to respond that, while not universal, the Note 10.1 does indeed include a hardware IR blaster with a TV Remote app. I’m unsure if anyone’s written an app to make the blaster work with non-TV devices.

However, while I love my Note, I really only got it for the pen input, as I’ve never been a fan of Samsung’s Touchwiz interface. Moreover, I grabbed mine on Woot for about $400 - and that was a 32GB REFURB.

As for the RAM issue, I believe it’s been mentioned, but 1GB is plenty. My Nexus 7 always zips along just fine, the tf300t I used for a couple months never had any issues. Both have similar internals to this tab.

The trick to a bogged down Android device? Remove homescreen widgets, don’t use live wallpapers, check running services for those stray apps that keep running in the background when they shouldn’t be. It’s like any other computer: The more you have running at once, the more your system bogs down, but having lots of things -installed- is not necessarily harmful.

All that said, while I think this is a nice tab, the price always kept me away. Admittedly, $280 is nice for a new 32GB 10-ish inch tablet. A 7" 32GB Nexus 7 goes for $250 new. The non-techy user shouldn’t even mind that this device probably won’t be seeing any version of Android past Jelly Bean, as it’s a version of android with plenty to offer, and Google’s been working on adding new features through apps rather than software updates.

Another “won’t buy Sony again” guy here. Got the Tablet S others mention a while back and it’s the most frustrating tech purchase I can remember. When it’s on it’s exactly what I wanted from a tablet.

But what I remember is the constant, random shutdowns and that when I push the power button to get it running again there’s no feedback to tell me if it’s actually restarting so I push again - which maybe turned it off? - and push again and wait and then maybe I’ll see the start up banner a couple seconds later but often just get more dead glass. Repeat until I give up and get my Thinkpad.

And the craptacular WiFi. No internet connection, visit settings, starting!, wait, not starting, select the network, what the frack are you doing now damn tablet?!?

But when its finally up and running it does tablet stuff just fine.

My family currently has: Nexus 7, 2 x Acer A500, 1 Asus transformer 1st generation, 2 Evo 4g phones, 2 x Rezound phones.

None of these have more than 1 GB memory- and none of them give me issues. Unless you have an application or game that was installed that is causing a memory leak you should have no issues. I’m not saying that 2gb is not better, I’m just saying that I have a bunch of “older” android devices that I can’t give my wife a reason to upgrade because they all run great. My kids download about every free ad-ridden game they can find on their Acer A500s (and rarely uninstall any) and still have no issues. The rare times they notice slow downs, I just go through and uninstall anything that looks fishy to me, and it clears right up.

$299 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet with 16GB Memory - Deep Gray (Refurbished)

You are comparing a refrub with New. Refurbs are refurbs because they failed! Not the same.

Agree. I found a 16gb refurb at Walmart for $299. Much better all around tablet for the same money. Looks like it will actually support up to 64 gb SDXC card, if people have a bunch of media to put on it. Much better tablet for the money.

Yeah…not really. I would take a chance on a refurbed Samsung android tablet over a NEW Sony android tablet any day of the week. If you check out the reviews on Walmart 461 out of 477 reviewers recommend the product (this is for the refurbished units). Out of the 477 reviews only 13 are less than 3 stars. There is not a person alive, that truly understands these 2 products, that would choose the Sony over this Samsung. It’s not even close.

I got the S here a while back, and I mostly like it.

I have found that it does turn itself off sometimes, and that it doesn’t always remember what settings I’ve changed (it sometimes disconnects itself from wifi even when it’s in the cradle, despite me telling it not to). That blinking light is a little awkward, but I’ve found that it’s usually blinking because I’ve got new mail somewhere or there’s some other form of update.

Mainly, though, I’ve used it to watch Netflix and do basic internetty-type stuff when I’m away from my computer. There are also some games on it that I enjoy, but the games market is much better on iProducts.

So, uh, I don’t know what exactly to tell a potential Xperia tablet purchaser, only that I don’t regret my S tablet, but it’s also not my ideal tablet (which may or may not exist, honestly).

I was not meaning to mislead any one. I have had issues with ram but on a phone not on a tablet. Facebook widgets were the worst to try and run on my old fun. Heck those used a lot of ram and a lot of battery power while running.
I don’t remember what all I had on that old phone but it was not much. It had plenty of storage, which is why I now use it as an mp3 player. I had a task manager thing installed that helped a lot with the ram issue. Things do not always stop running when you get out of them.

Any way I do have an ipad, which I got free from my online class I am taking. I don’t even know if the schools app works on an android device. More then likely it does not so all I would probably use this tablet for is a remote and maybe streaming if that worked on it. I know I had trouble with streaming on my Toshiba thrive.

  1. As stated in my post my opinion!

  2. As stated in my post ** I own a zoom Motorola. With the 1 gig ram and I see it it with that big time.
    This will be better ** This will be better!

  3. As stated in my post All 1 gig ram variants should sell for no more than 200 with goodies. meaning TODAY and going forward!!!

This is why I hate to post any info, their are way too many know it all’s or people that just can’t read!

Also I don’t care if your an IT person or not,
I am one also, but who cares , so why post that anyway unless you are a know it all!

Again I personally would not purchase ever again anything less than 2 gig and 32 gig storage!
I personally don’t care if you are trying to justify your 1 gig purchases.

I know for a fact that 1 gig is not enough for me at all (I also have a Siii that has 1 gig), does it work good … YES, but I would not recommend or purchase another android with 1 gig!!

The near future is heading this way for reasons that some here don’t care or have money to burn…

Again if this was $200 buy it, but since it is not DON’T!!!

Or buy it anyway if you just think this is great, that is up to you!!!

If your looking for a great android device buy something with 2 gig, to future prof your purchase at the least or if you are like me and use android the way it was designed to and use widgets and live wallpapers and lots of apps that run in the background, spend the extra so you wont be sorry!

Best of luck

A bit defensive are you?

Most people that work in IT know it is a Xoom…not a ZOOM.

I do agree that buying an Android tablet with 1GB RAM should not be much more than $200 because most of those are older devices.

I just don’t understand why you are having such issues with slow downs, when 3 of my tablets still have Tegra 2 processors, they have no trouble streaming or gaming- and only have 1gb RAM.

The reason not to buy this tablet isn’t because it has 1gb of RAM, it’s because there are better tablets out there to buy for the same price, manufactured by companies that have more experience with Android tablets than does Sony.

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, is there a Cyanogen mod for this? Looks like nice hardware, but I agree the Os/Sony layer probably wont get updated.

I would have to apologize for my android making that spelling correction and me not catching it, but we are human and not robots, unless you are an android to and never make mistakes?

Best of luck.

Welllll, stink!

I have had Sony products in the past and have always loved the graphics clarity, but didn’t care for the proprietary nature of some features.

Here I was all set to buy one of these: great size, 32 GB, quad core, seemed like a decent enough price… and then I read the CNET review (thanks for the links) and the varying comments.

I do prefer more memory to less; there are other tablets (actually, I think a net book would have worked best for me–but most of those are history) with similar features for the price…

Does anyone have any additional links for similar new (or refurb = I’ve had many refurbs with NO, not one, problems)…

I’m now stuck but would like to compare…

And thanks for the comments = They always help a person to know exactly what to expect… should a person purchase the item.