Sony 32GB or 64GB Xperia Tablet w/Cradle

It depends on WHO refurburbished them - Manufacturer or a 3rd party. I wouldn’t touch a 3rd party refuzz for free.

Have you been to walmart lately? I don’t give walmart reviews much validity.

I have an S, I love it. I don’t have any of the issues I’ve heard here. The only issue I ever have is when I let it completely drain down, then I have to hit the reset button (and charge of course) before it will boot. Thats not a big deal.

As for the blinking light, I got mine turned of. I don’t know how, but I dug around long enough and found it. Mine was blue.

I personally would buy used from amazon (shipped and sold by amazon) with no questions asked.

Again I would buy a 2 gig with 32 or 64 gig storage asus or samsung. But I would read reviews first to know what to expect, and don’t forget you could always get a lemon but amazon will take care of you in the first 30 days (check to make sure).

Again this is my opinion
this is what I would get today
used from amazon for 380

Best of luck

$299 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet with 16GB Memory - Deep Gray (Refurbished)

It will actually support up to 64 gb SDXC card, if people have a bunch of media to put on it. Much better tablet for the money.

A very fast quad core 1.4GHz Exynos CPU, 2 gigs of RAM and 16 or 32 gigs of storage. It has dual band WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and a GPS with Glonass along with a front 1.9MP camera and rear 5MP camera with LED flash. It’s slim at 0.35" and light at 1.3 pounds. Like other recent Samsung tablets, the Note 10.1 has an IR blaster and the Peel AV remote and TV programming guide so you can control your home theater gear.

Bought the 16GB version of this tablet when it came out. I use it daily for surfing, email & games. It is fast at everything it does. I have zero complaints with it. Had to reboot it once after installing a bad app but you will have these things. I use it when I travel to watch Netflix on the hotel TV’s if they have HDMI input. If I needed more storage I would be buying one of these. Just looked an all the accessories for this tablet are on sale HERE

First -let me clarify that I don’t hate the tablet being offered today- its OK, except the price should be lower considering the competition available.

second- if you have a problem with the refurb from Walmart, then all you have to do is jump in your car and return it to your local store. Try that with Amazon.

third- I know that you might take issue with walmartians writing reviews, but I have to admit that I’m not too proud to shop there. Last I checked there were 478 reviews with a 97% recommendation. I’m sure some people writing those reviews may have some basic intelligence- even by your standards. Whether I buy the tablet there or from a reseller on Amazon - how do you know their source of refurbs is not the same? Why would you trust those resellers any more than you would Walmart?

I’m just trying to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note is a much better buy for the same money. Better processor, more system RAM, wacom digitizer, and Samsung makes it. Samsung is light years ahead of Sony when it comes to phone and tablet android devices. They have better hardware, software and more software updates to remedy issues or enhance functionality.

Looks like a good tablet. Sony products are normally well-built and good quality. The only thing keeping me from getting this is that it uses the Android interface. I’ve owned dozens of tablet computers and there’s just something about Android that has not produced a good experience. Even the old Wince OS seemed more well suited for tablet use. It’s really a shame that so many of the newest tablets are using this OS, I guess they have to cut cost somewhere.