Sony 40" 1080p Smart LED TV

I bought one last time it was up. Every tv in my house is a Sony smart tv, including the xbr65x900c. This is the only sony tv I ever used that does not have hulu pre loaded, and no way to add. So while smart, not the smartest of the bunch. I do not netflix, so I jave to use a roku. Just keep in mind…

That’s interesting. Though, a roku or a chromecast is one way to add hulu. This seems like an amazing deal–I don’t get why there’s not more traffic here. I could get a 40" and a 48" smart Bravias for the same price total that I bought my dumb Samsung 42" plasma in 2010.

I don’t actually need a TV and in fact I just lost my job, but I am jonesing for this 40" for my bedroom. It has great reviews.