SONY 5,000 mAh Power Bank - 2 Pk

Back in July I had purchased the silver 5000mah 2 packs for $1 more. These are well worth the price and usually give my cell phones or tablets 2 full recharges before needing to be plugged in to charge. To me they are nice to have when the power goes out or you can’t plug into a wall outlet to charge your devices.

These are expensive.

I just bought (2) 15,000mAh RavPower powerbanks (one charges at home, while the other goes with me…more than enough charge for 1 day’s worth, nearly 5X over for my 3,220mAh Nexus 6 via hard wire micro usb and/or to power a portable RavPower Qi “puck type” wireless charger, for either my Moto 360 or again, via Qi charging…the Nexus 6) all for only $23.82, to my door.

vwoom where at?

Hmmmm. SONY or …what was that? “RavPower”? I’m going with SONY at these deals!

Now that’s the truth. Most of the time the best price isn’t the best deal

The power bank market is super competitive. Yes, there are lots of no-name brands popping up but there are also some great brands as well. I have the Anker 10,400mAh and its price has been around $20 lately.

I also don’t know if I missed it or if it’s not listed - but what is the amperage of this device? Some phones use 1 and tablets or fast-charge phones use upwards of 2.

There are several reviews on RavPower chargers online (esp, Qi chargers, if you do your research). It isn’t a fly-by-night brand. It is carried by Amazon as well (along with the likes of Anker or Aukey…).

RavPower is actually one of the few Qi chargers brands out there in the market, that can pass thru a thick, heavy duty smartphone case (in point, pun)…my Nexus 6 Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx (reviews from Ballistic owners, also in Amazon). The brand also carries one of the very few powerbank variants, that also doubles, as a Qi wireless charger.

Here’s the link to the 15,000mAh powerbank:

I grew up, with Sony…loong time user.

Haven’t you heard of rebadging…this is nothing more than one of many garden variety, generic, Chinese made powerbanks. Am not going to get suckered, just because it is…a “Sony”. Personally, I’d very likely put premium attention on this powerbank, if this was Japanese made (moreso, than brand name). However, it is not. Besides, 5V DC output is a poor 1.5A (for it’s weak capacity vs size…no way). Pay $5 to ship these?! Masochist?! I’m definitely not…:wink:

Sony is over rated…nowadays, in the consumer electronics realm, they only excel (and cornered) the game console market (what else, but the PS4)…

4,500+ (85%) 5-Star Reviews at Amazon (Gen 3; +1,000mAh at $37.99)®-15000mAh-External-Portable-Compatibility/dp/B00MQSMEEE/ref=sr_1_12?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1410573988&sr=1-12&keywords=Ravpower&tag=wpcentralb-20&m1k=d_wp

No name, huh…living under a rock, are we.