Sony 725W 5.2-Channel 4K A/V Receiver

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Sony 725W 5.2-Channel 4K A/V Receiver
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to check out the product page

Not sure to trust Woot’s “refurbed” since getting burned last time.

Can you elaborate? I’ve bought lots of refurbs from Woot! and have never been “burned.” What happened with your purchase?

I own this receiver. But, I bought mine new and paid > $250. for it. I have read about problems concerning the video feed going away. I haven’t experienced any problems yet. I’ve had this receiver for about a year now. My experience has been all good. I am really enjoying this Sony receiver.

I’ve been shopping Sony vs. Yamaha, and it seems only the higher-end receivers have line-out jacks to attach a second amplifier. Does anyone know whether the subwoofer output jacks (the only output jacks) can be used? Are they full-frequency or already low-pass filtered? Thanks!

So… Just to be clear, “refurbished” means that some third-party took a look at these, maybe brushed off some pop-tart crumbs, made sure they had the cords and manual, and waved them on for shipping?
As opposed to “factory refurbished,” which I would take to mean that the product was subjected to various tests to ensure that it met the same standards as a new product…

Refurbished covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

Quick question for those in the know.

I currently have a samsung soundbar on my samsung TV, but I’m about to move into a place where I will need a receiver to do a 3 to 1 (meaning I have 3 HDMI sources that need to route via one HDMI cable to the TV). Would this work with my soundbar until I can afford a full speaker set given that the soundbar can connect either directly to the TV or via HDMI passthrough? Basically with no speakers on the receiver until I can afford them.

“Factory Refurbished” is the same as refurbished. Just because the manufacturer puts their “brand” on the refurb means little. In most cases they’re using the same “refurb” company as Woot or many others. Basically, all you’re buying when you get refurb is a warranty. The company selling the item is banking that 80%+ of these units is probably operating properly (some will power it on to make sure that happens). If it fails…they just send you another refurb unit. Sooner or later you get one that works. Depending on the savings…it can be a reasonable way to buy equipment…especially equipment that doesn’t suffer from physical wear and tear.

Yeah, that should work. It’s likely not gonna be the default setting, but you should be able to send audio to the soundbar’s HDMI IN port instead of (or rather in addition to) the speaker terminals.®-audio-input-on-the-audio%2Fvideo-(a%2Fv)-receiver

Right. I guess what I was really after was a little more about the refurbishing company. This isn’t my first Woot, so I actually have any number of refurbs. But as an example, my laptop “refurb” was actually a returned lease unit, and the “refurbishment” didn’t really consist of much more than wiping the disk, reinstalling Windows, and making sure the unit worked. (Which it does!) On the other hand, my espresso machine went through a factory check, but I guess the difference is that the manufacturer warrants that unit. Since this is only covered by a Woot! warranty, it would seem to be riskier. The devil is in the details…

I’m using an older Sony receiver to drive my PC audio (via Multi-In) and I am sorely tempted to replace it with this unit. HDMI is the way to go - video goes where it needs to and gaming in true 5.1 becomes possible.

Damn you, Woot, you temptress!

Inexpensive receivers seem to have a lot of trouble with HDMI however. I’ve been wanting to do this too, but every time I research a receiver on here I find people complaining about HDMI issues.

I suspect a very common reason for receivers to be returned is HDMI problems, and returned receivers show up on Woot as refurbs.

Bought mine just a little while ago in a previous sale.

I’ve only had it for about a week, but so far, so good. The sound is excellent. It works, and IT WAS ONLY $150! Which is the best part, really.

I’ve got mine hooked up to a soundbar I bought on woot.

Sprung. I have a used Yamaha I intended to hook up, but it’s 7.1 and a bit overkilly for my viewing room. I have the speakers to make 5.2 work, an old set of Unisound shelf speakers and subwoofer and new Dayton speakers for center and rear. The speakers I was going to use for 7.1 part were two Pyle in ceiling speakers I got from Woot. Now I don’t have a drop ceiling anymore, so these are useless to me.

As to the question of refurbs - usually, I have good luck, most especially with Apple factory refurbs. I have had four, an eMac and three iMacs. in all cases, they have gone on to the resale market and found good homes. It’s particularly good on items that have had reported issues. A refurb will generally have the upgrade that would be provided under a factory recall, such as a motherboard or power supply. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Thanks guys