Sony 725W 5.2-Channel 4K A/V Receiver

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Sony 725W 5.2-Channel 4K A/V Receiver
Price: $139.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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good reviews

Provided this is refurbished well, you would easily pay twice as much for a receiver with this many features… And remember this will take up to four HDMI inputs, a composite input, a component input in route it all to your newer television… (Without having to play Russian roulette with all the cheap HDMI splitters…)
Plus you get to run your older equipment with your newer TV…and switch inputs remotely…then on top of all that you get a great sound system… Just add speakers… because let’s face it most TV speakers are awful and sound bars are a least $100 for a decent one… So for 40 bucks more you get alot more bang for your buck.

Also if this is actually refurbished by Sony Corporation then you might actually be getting a new unit that is just simply labeled as refurbished… Which is happened to me a few times with other devices from Sony.

Either way just run it through its paces right away and make sure it functions well and tested thoroughly… If it works good out of the box you should be all set.

EDIT: Correction… This doesn’t appear to have any legacy connections so connecting your older equipment would probably require a separate connection to your TV… This appears to only handle HDMI (4 of them) but it does seem to handle it well considering it has 3-D capability, 4K capability, and HDMI audio return.