Sony Alkaline Stamina Plus AA

Sony Alkaline Stamina Plus AA

I have purchased these Sony AA batteries in the past and do not recommend them. They have about 2/3 rds the life of an Energizer or Duracell and if you allow them to go dead and remain in the device they will burst and corrode big time. I had it happen a number of times and got tired of cleaning the mess they made in my remotes etc. Never had that happen with the 2 major brands. You may pay a little more but it is worth the difference.


I can qualify that non-recommend; got burnt TWICE :flushed: lol, shame on Me :man_facepalming:

They are absolute junk. What I found out after buying these and others that are sold at a discount is that they have been sitting on the shelf for months/years and have lost a lot of their life. They’re sold at a discount and in this case, you do get what you pay for.

best if used by 2023

about 30% cheaper at 27 cents than duracell at sams club at 44 cents
sams club brand is 35 cents.

ones I got dated beginning 2022
and used in remote that lasts a few months usually - died in two days.
back to Kirkland purchased only from costco and rechargables.

Bought these many times and none of these happen too me. Good buy and last long time :blush:

I got a batch last year sometime and I’m just finally running out of them. Once in awhile, the game controller would run out of juice pretty quick, but that was pretty few and far between. Obviously, YMMV.

These batteries don’t last. The old expression “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.” Amazon batteries last 3 times longer than these poor quality batteries.