Sony Batteries

Why is it that only SOME of these battery packs list their “good until” date in the description? Are the others on their death bed?

If you charge your cell phone in your electric car, isn’t that batteries running on batteries?

Hi there. Heard from the vendor.

The expiration dates are listed on all packs except for the 5 Lithium Coin Cell options, which are all extremely fresh with best by 2023 dating.

Hope that helps!

Would someone please enlighten me? These mega-lots of batteries are on Woot all the time. Who are these aimed at? Who needs this many batteries? I figure there must be someone that needs them, but who?

People with kids who haven’t discovered Eneloops yet.

My son is autistic. He loves video games, particularly his Nintendo DSL, but he has other handheld games as well, and he always has one with him wherever he goes. He also has a Nintendo Wii, the controller of which is powered by AA batteries. We go through a TON of batteries. Sales like these are godsends :slight_smile:

Wow, I envy anyone without remotes, car key fobs, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, camera flash units, any kind of portable radio. (The bed we just bought has a remote that takes 2AA’s, for instance) and batteries do run out of juice. Have enough stuff and one is always going dead. Just sayin’.
My case, I have a house full of that stuff.
(Darn you WOOT!)
Big savings over rushing out and paying $10 for a button battery at the local drug
store, cause the key fob for my car doesn’t work in the morning, just as an example.