Sony Batteries

Do they just have an overstock or are they bad batteries? It seems like such an excessive amount of batteries for that price.

Not bad batteries. We are just good at getting deal. These are fresh batteries.

I have to disagree. I bought several sets of these and they barely would light a flashlight. I got better results from the dollar store.

Being a house full of seemingly endless “things” that eat batteries, the Sony’s have been a blessing for us! Game controllers, 9 LED Bulb Flashlights, kids toys, Flameless LED Candles, etc. We’ve tried 'em all…mostly here on Woot!..and after some pricier and some a smidge cheaper, we’ve found these the best bang for our buck!
And this will never be a problem for our household, but the ones we’ve received have a life good for 10 yrs! Thx, Woot!

Been waiting for the Sony batteries to pop up on here again. They always seem to last the longest in my Xbox controllers and headphones.

I have about 20 sony batteries left from the last box of 100 I bought, but i got one of the AA and AAA packs since I’m out of AAA’s. These work for what i need them for and are cheap.

Sadly I did not test any out and the entire pack is garbage.