Sony Bloggie Touch Camera/Camcorder

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Sony Bloggie Touch Camera/Camcorder
$39.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Happy birthday, Woot!

Aw, no BOC, but a happy birthday to Woot anyway!

Happy Anniversary woot.
Thank you for making me stay up hoping for the anniversay BOC.

Send me one anyway =) You have my billing info

Looks pretty cool actually.

Happy Freaking Birthday, WOOT!

Not sure if this is the same model, as I was trying to compare the specs, but if I do, this is a great camera and camcorder, people constantly mistake it for a cell phone, and is super slim and sleek. However, mine records movies in HD.

Thanks for the great birthday wishes, folks. But you’re a day early.

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Huh? Not that I’m accusing you of being wrong, but where did several of us get this date from? I also thought it was today.

Yeah. I was going to say that everyone is a day early. I have it in my Google calendar.

I looked at the Bloggie line when getting a pocket camcorder a few months ago. They seemed decent, but the lack of expandable/removable memory was a deal-breaker.

na na na na na na na na You say its your birthday, its my birthday too yeah… well not really

Was really close to getting this to replace my Kodak Zi6 I got from woot a few years back. However, Without expandable memory I’ll have to pass.

Here it is over at the Sony Website

Here is software drivers and other downloadables

Manuals, Sales Sheets, Important Notices, and Warranty Information.

Sorry there are just too many links for me to copy and paste and I am short on time tonight.

Here’s a C|net review.

ETA: Dragon1291 beat me to it! Getting slow in my old age!

What I really want to buy is the WOOT Soup, with random monkey bits! (sellout)

Here’s another Video Review from GadgetReview.

The thing I love about my Flip is that from the time you hit the power button to the time you’re actually recording is 2 seconds (max)…

Does anyone know how this compares?

I have a 2-year-old who does incredibly cute things until he realizes you’re recording, so you have to be VERY quick. If it takes 10 seconds from the time you have it out of your pocket to the time you can record, it’s too late.