Sony Bloggie Touch Camera/Camcorder

I’m just a lonely little consumer waiting for my “cam charming” to sweep me off my feet! Alas, with no expandable memory or external mic jack, you are not the camcorder for me…

WOW! Happy Birthday WOOT!

Bath Salt abuse symptom - May cause you to get Woots birthday wrong.

I never forget woot’s b-day…it’s on my wedding anniversary! Or at least I better not forget it, or my wife would kill me.

tried to buy this…double charged me…sigh

Oscar Gamble, is that you?

Just checked with my overnight CS buddy (say hi to Kelly!)and she says it looks like you somehow placed an order for 2 different colors. Just email in to cancel the one you don’t want and they’ll take care of you.

A wise man once told me that everyday you wake up alive is a day that you are reborn , so with that said… Happy Birthday Woot !!!

This thing is crap! I bought from a Groupon deal for $80 used for 2 weeks then sold on Ebay for $60. Almost any new cellphone can take better video than this.

Can you give some more details? That always helps.

Don’t know what that person was thinking, probably just disgruntled.

Anyways, I got this when I went on a long trip a few years back as a gift and have been using it as a point and shoot, more or less, for the past couple years…with my iphone of course. The thing works like a charm for what it does, take videos and photos of good quality. The HD video is actually pretty good and I compare it to my iPhone. It has a slim profile also. The lack of flash stinks, but I think its a steal at the price.

I’m in for another and its for a young one in my family that likes to take pictures. It’s great!

Pffft… noobs.

I have a Kodak Zi8 for several years now and it’s worked great for me. The Sony Bloggie Touch is supposedly better with an easy to use touchscreen and significantly improved sensor which is good for both 1080p (30 fps) and 720p (60 fps) recording as well as snapshots similar in quality to a digital compact camera. If this had been out at the same time as my Zi8, I probably would have gotten this one.

That being said, this category of device has all been phased out due to the prevalence of smartphones and their quality sensors.

This Sony still has a better sensor and I still use my Kodak for convenient videos of the kids. But it’s really a toss-up between my smartphone and a dedicated device like these. I guess at these prices they are worth still getting.

what? no phone? My phone has a camera, but this camera doesn’t have a phone?

This, a decent cell phone can outperform this camera as well as being to skip the transferring to the the PC part and just shoot the video straight to the net.

Review says no image stabiliazation, but Woot says:

SteadyShot® image stabilization helps reduce blur caused by camera shake

So is your birthday changed now that you’re owned by Amazon in Washington State? You now put your Items up at 10:00pm Pacific time rather than Midnight Central time??? Cause I’m pretty sure that 7/11 has been the big day…???

Ooooooh, I love a good Amazon conspiracy theory! Unfortunately, that’s not one. Birthday has been July 12 since July 12, 2004 when Woot went live.

has anyone used this before? seems like a good deal for something with (hopefully) decent video/still capability. the review posted seems to show decent video quality. i have an EVO 4G and the camera is pretty awful on it. i would like to have something small to keep on me and use to film small action scenarios (golf, mountain biking, playing with dogs) and take important pictures (instead of the aforementioned EVO 4G). any thoughts on how much better this would be than my cell phone camera?