Sony Bloggie Touch Camera/HD Camcorder

I got one of these last time they came around. I like it a lot. Easy to use, and easy to get the video on the computer to edit. Perfect for youtube videos. Here is a link for an example of the video quality from a bowling outing with the kids.

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Check out this video. Sony Bloggie Sucks (as a video camera)


*Here is the short version… (video uploaded, edited & rendered on HD export setting on iMac with iMovie '09)…

Full hd 1920 x 1080 resolution 30 fps = no zoom, big, but my ipod records better vids

720 hd 60 fps = reduced ambient light too much

720 hd 30 fps = ambient light better but clarity still sucks

In all settings you cannot close up on things & get a clear focus, 1920 x 1080 has no zoom capabilities; 4x digital zoom pixelates way too much; 360 degree recording attachment is a fad & probably included to help sell this piece of junk.

I’m gonna return this and get something else - thumbs down, I do not recommend the Sony Bloggie, it does not fit my needs.

Oh well - I hope this review helps.*

Do you think this would be a good birthday gift for an 8 yr old who spent the better part of a week at the beach making little videos with my iPad? I can’t afford something bigger but maybe the budding Spielberg could have fun with this.

Lame grammer miztakes all over the place up in that heez

I have no opinion as to the quality as I’ve never used one, but IMO Sony gets the Oscar for “Stupidest Name Ever for a Camera or Camcorder. Ever.”

I got one of these last time. All I can say is AMAZING!!! I got a waterproof iPhone case (fits just fine, super cheap on ebay) to take photos at the pool and waterpark and it’s super clear, even underwater. The only downside is it doesn’t have a flash, but who cares? The microphone is wonderful and you can take pics even while recording. I highly recommend this camera!

Does it come with the 360 degree attachment?

I had this before I purchased a GoPro/Swann Freestyle. These are great camcorders with decent quality and audio… much better audio than any action cam I’ve owned. However, please don’t get this mixed up with action cams either because it is not used for that purpose.

If you’re one of the luck individual who didn’t get a defective unit (like me), then you’ll be pleased with the purchase, and even for $10 bucks more than what Woot had it for last time, I still think it’s a good buy. Knowing that its refurb might give you some peace of mind knowing Sony serviced it and may have fixed the defective tidbits. One thing that does bug me with this camcorder is the mounting hole which is located on the bottom of the camera, so w/e you record will cause the video to be displayed vertically, which is just dumb on Sony’s part.

My wife got this in the last go-round and she likes it. Takes good clear video and audio, also does stills while video is running. Good for sharing video of the new baby with grandma.

Absolutely. I think it sounds perfect.

AVOID! I won one from Subway years ago. It has no flash. Pics are blurry 85% of the time. If you want to take a still pic outside with the sun its nice. My Rezound is better.

I guess this will not work with my Windows 7 64bit according to the specs.

How odd, that was my exact question about this…

I received a Bloggie for Christmas. I wanted something that I could use to record my daughters hockey games. I have found this to be very easy to use, the quality of the video is perfect for what I’m doing and I’m saving the space on my iPhone. Battery life is good, I can make it through a 2 1/2 hour hockey game while having the camera on and using it for potential “good moments”. Uploading of videos is very easy with the USB port and sharing the videos on social networking was a cinch. I have also used video on Windows Movie Maker.
Now for the downfall- as someone else mentioned, the zoom isn’t the greatest. I’m not technically savvy enough to know dpi and resolution and stuff (I just want an nice video!) but to maintain clarity, one cannot fully zoom. Having learned that, I’ve gotten some pretty good videos of the local NAHL team on the ice for goals, fights and “cellys”.
If you want an easy to use video camera that slips in your pocket and has very clear video up close then this little thing is for you.

WOOPS Just went to microsoft site and it says it will work on 64bit win 7. Went to sony site and it said it will work with 64bit win 7. Sony site also has new version of software to up date the camera so I guess all is good except for the built in limitations of the camera that a few folks mentioned.
Sorry about my previous post I should have checked.