Sony Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater System w/ Wireless Surround

is it just me or are those speakers really frickin small?

yeah they are small but you only need them for mid - high frequencys

They are small, have you seen the small BOSE ones, they are bad ass, this would be an awesome upgrade from my Onkyo’s.

Average rating is 4.0 star on Buzzillions.

And 92/100 on Alatest.,78/

Not even the same speakers!

No, the DVD player is unusually huge…

They are, and in my listening experience at Best Buy/Fry’s, they sound pretty bad.

The “speakers” only produce tinny highs and nasty mids whereas the “woofer” unit produces almost all the vocals/mids as well as the muddy bass.

I can’t imagine these speakers to be worth anything in the way of sound quality. Ugh.

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Sony Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater System w/ Wireless Surround
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sony BDV-IS1000 Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater System
  • 1 WAHT-SA10 S-AIR Wireless Surround Receiver

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When I have tested these at work I always felt that the speakers sounded really tinney. You had to really turn up the sub woofer to get good balanced sound. They were also rather quiet.

Doesn’t appear to support tuning ATSC – you’ll need a separate tuner if you don’t have cable or satellite. Or fios.

That set has different speakers. The actual product (if we can ever buy it) is reviewed at and retails at $999.99 at

I’m guessing refurb.

Is it a powered subwoofer?

i might be wrong, but after a quick google check it doesn’t seem like the price is slashed all that far from the retail price. and the reviews aren’t fantastic. but this is just from a quick skim so meh, who knows?

audiophiles are crazy :P.

anyhow… would you guys say a great sounds system vs. say an average bose/onkyo system is like the comparison between HD and SD? or is it more like HD and ED?

manual (pdf)

How do the satellite speakers get their power? Batteries? “Wireless electricity”?

No, like most home theater in a box products the sub is powered by the receiver.

Blu-Ray is going to die a miserable Sony death.

China Blue HD-DVD will take over soon.

Consider yourself warned.