Sony Blu-ray Player with Super Wi-Fi & Apps

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Sony Blu-ray Player with Super Wi-Fi & Apps
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Check out this review over at Cnet

[MOD EDIT] Slightly different model.

Good bluray players, unless you want dlna streaming. Very picky then. All sonys are.

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Three stars on Amazon.

“This product lacks several key features that are found on the similar and more popular BDPS3200, such as DLNA and content throw, web browser, and batteries for the remote.”

With regard to YouTube, I believe this model’s app no longer works. If YouTube matters to you, check with Sony to see if they plan to update the app.

I own one of these, and yes the apps are dated and will not update via firmware update. The problem with this unit that is bigger than the apps is the shape of the top of the unit. The top has a peak, which while looking nice, precludes ever sitting anything on top of it. That doesn’t sound like a big deal at all, but you’ll quickly realize that your wife likes to decorate and place objects on everything.

The firmware updates - but not the APPs - is that what you are saying?

Apps should update independently of the firmware updates. For example, I own the 3200 model and haven’t gotten an update since Korea hacked Sony and they patched that. But about twice a week my Amazon Video app updates when I open it. That being said… firmware updates are vital to BD playback. BD software is constantly being updated for both playback quality and anti-piracy. The older the model, the less likely the manufacturer is to push firmware updates. Unless you buy an oppo, you pretty much have to buy a new BD player every year. This is why I own 4 BD players.

My only issue with this player is that it has a power saving mode that you can’t disable. If you pause a move for ~15-20 minutes (about the time it takes to change a baby’s diaper and feed him a bottle) the player will just shut off. Since many Blu-ray movies won’t resume where you stopped watching (DVDs will) you find that you have to fast forward back to where you were. It is annoying and a “feature” that I wish I could disable.

this unit is a piece of junk. It is very slow in launching aps, and even slow to respond to “open/close” commands when changing disks. Only has HDMI jack, no composit or component so you must use HDMI, you don’t have any options. Put your money toward a better player.