SONY Bluetooth and Noise Canceling Headphones

Bought the noise canceling version at Costco last year for $99 and used them on a plane trip. My seat mate had Bose noise canceling headphones and I was able to do a side by side comparison in the perfect environment – and I returned the Sonys to Costco as soon as I got back home. While the noise canceling is superb on the Bose, you can switch it on or off on the Sonys without hearing much of a difference at all. Too bad, because the ergonomy of the Sonys is way better, and they sound OK. Just don’t buy them for the noise canceling, because it’s non existent.

These are great headphones the noise cancelling is not as great as the bose but its amongst the best out there for noise cancelling bluetooth headphones . If you want the best bluetooth noise cancelling then get the Parrot zik 2.0 otherwise these are good . You have to press the noise cancelling button on the side of the phones for 3 seconds and it will analyze your environment and set the noise cancelling according to the background noise. The noise cancelling does work well .

Another hidden feature is the phones support 3 sounds modes but for some reason this feature is not listed. you hold down the power button while turning the phones on and press the volume up button to cycle through the modes.
The LED will blink blue for the modes . The first mode give priority to a stable wireless connection and is one ‘blue blink’ . The headphones ship in this mode.

The second mode is standard sound and is two blinks . The third mode is High Quality mode and gives you APTX or AAC - you will see the blue LED blink 3 times. The third mode Sounds great.
This is my fav go to headphone next to the UE9000(good for bass). The sony 770BN are light and you can wear them for hours . I also use the beats wireless studio and the ZIK 1.0 but for daily use and for comfort the sony 770BN with Noise cancelling is a very good headphone.

Had a I not gotten a pair of Samsung Level Over’s a few weeks ago, I’d definitely be in for a set of the Sony with NC. Great deal.

Think you probably had a different model. Looks like these were released in February of this year and never had a price anywhere near $99.

Costco has the same Sony noise-cancelling headphone on sale for the same price as Woot!

Costco is indeed selling the same pair of noise cancelling and bluetooth headphones on their website for the same price. The only differences are you get free shipping, and soft and hard cases from Costco.

The ‘770DC’ model just means the model is sold at discount clubs. It is the same headphone as the ‘770BN’ model here.

Still looks like a decent price either way. Tempting.

What’s with the 90 day Woot warranty? The Sony warranty should be valid for these.

Yup, 1Yr Sony warranty. Sorry for the mix-up.