Sony Bluetooth Headphones

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Sony Bluetooth Headphones
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I actally just bought the 770 set last week. Sound is nice and clear, reception is good. Not a whole lot of bass, but decent for the price.

Are these bluetooth only or can you plug in as well?

I am old man who remembers playing vinyl 78s so pardon my ignorance when I ask “what is the difference between 950 bt and 770 bt”?

Is there one I should get if I will be using these to play music and podcasts on an ipod?

Will these actually work with the PS4 I wonder?

Just comparing specs, it looks like the 770’s are a little lighter in weight, charge quite a bit faster (2.5 hours instead of 4), and run a little shorter (17 hours instead of 20).


I have the 850, the predecessor. It can be used TWO ways, as BT, and as plug-in (using the included headphone cable).

I mainly use BT mode. It is VERY long lasting, whole day. There is one weakness though… Look carefully at the slider mechanism from the inside. There are a little screw there on each side. That’s all that’s holding your slider in place. I recommend adding two zipties (one on each side) right on the screw. You won’t interfere with the sliding, but it should help the slider keep its strength.

The ear cups slide 90 degrees so it can be turned “flat”, but the head band aren’t wide enough to allow you to wear it on your neck DJ style.

I purchased these at Worst Buy sometime a few months ago at full retail.

I love the ability to go off of either BT or direct via stereo mini-jack.

The battery truly lasts for several hours and so far I’ve never actually drained them dead although I always charge after use.

The sound is awesome. I love the crisp highs and deep punchy bass. It is fantastic at both games and music. It made my Skullcandy Crushers sound like they came off a grocery store endcap. No contest.

At half the price I paid, this thing will be worth every one of your pennies.

The 770’s are strictly bluetooth. No aux in.

950bt specs and review -

770 -

PS4 -
Finding more about it by the minute. apparently you can get some to connect, have not heard of which models can or cannot. my 770’s did not connect, but I see a trick on youtube that might get them to work.

(BTW I picked mine up for $55 refurb’d)

Doesn’t seem like that good of a deal

These things get great reviews on Amazon. However, the guys at The Wirecutter think differently and their number one pick can be picked up for the same price.

yes they can be plugged in but you can not used bass bost.

Actually according to that the black is 89$

Amazon has the 770BT model available for 79.99… So this is not a good deal. Try harder woot!

Sony MDR-ZX770BT/B Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones w/Microphone NFC - Black (Cert…

will this work with X-360 by chance?

I won’t give Sony my money. Personal beef with them planting spy software in other products. I can’t say if this is good or bad, no idea.

I got the 950s about a year ago during a pre-Black Friday sale… somewhere. Honestly don’t remember. Maybe Amazon, maybe Worst Buy. Anyway, I got them for the $99 price point. I use them at work to drown out office noise and they have been flawless. Worth every penny I’ve spent on them. They don’t make my ears hurt or sweat when I wear them for extended lengths of time (I wear glasses, too, so having undue pressure can really hurt with OTE headphones).

I’d recommend them.

PS: Not sure where the people on The Wirecutter are coming from. They’re not messy at all. I think they sound great and I’m fairly picky.

Thanks for this! I wear glasses as well, and can’t wear many large headphones because of the discomfort caused by the pressing of my ears against the frame.