Sony Bluetooth TV Sound System w/Built In Subwoofer

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Sony Bluetooth TV Sound System w/Built In Subwoofer
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Why am I getting charged for shipping??? I’ve bought am item last week and thought no shipping for for a period of time.

Could I use this without a TV - to connect either via USB or Bluetooth to a phone or MP3 player to listen to music?

Doesn’t this have an “optical” input?

Could my cable box remote be programmed to control this?

Edit: Never mind, was in too much of a rush and thought this was the Sony ht-xt1. Pass on this model.

What is the depth?

The sub-woofer is a 100mm (about 4"). Why do they call this a sub-woofer? I’m not even sure this would be a woofer. I would guess that at this price, a 4" driver would drop off pretty quickly below 90Hz. It’s just not this product, I just hate the way everyone throws around the term subwoofer to mean anything that is not a tweeter.

Set up as shown seems you could end up watching your TV dance right off this thing. Or is Sony being liberal with the term ‘sub woofer’?

Amazon’s item page doesn’t offer much help, only available from 3rd-party sellers (average new price $300 there) but NO reviews at all?

As mentioned, the HT-XT1 on Amazon seems to be the reigning Sony model of this product. Not sure what the differences might be.

Trusted Reviews and CNet reviews

Wish I would have waited for a sound bar as this one seems pretty good but I am happy with the one I have.

Here is link to the HT-XT100 via Amazon UK. Link also includes brief side-by-side comparison to HT-XT1 (and HT-XT3)


Even before I found that it was a 4" speaker, I was laughing at the oxymoronic phrase “Built-in subwoofer”.

At this price is this a good deal? And can someone explain why or if this has to sit directly under the TV, as apposed to on a shelf just underneath of the TV.

Is the FREESHIP coupon still on your account? If not, you can manually re-add.

It doesn’t have to sit right under your TV. It’s just made to be able to support the weight of the TV in case you don’t have the option to set it up otherwise.

Look carefully, this is not a sound bar. That is the only reason it can produce some bass. If you are not planning on hanging it on the wall, this should work fine.

Depending in your personal definition of “fine.” This sort of thing is good enough for me - better than the craptacular speakers built into flat panel TVs - but the audiophiles snort derisively at soundbases and their claims.

In short: soundbar with no separate subwoofer < this < soundbar with separate subwoofer < real satellite speakers.

Is this sound bar sturdy enough to support a CRT?