Sony Bluetooth TV Sound System w/Built In Subwoofer

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Sony Bluetooth TV Sound System w/Built In Subwoofer
Price: $119.99
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hey is that Woot Rock? Well turn it up!

Does this system receive a Bluetooth sound signal from a smartphone and play just like a portable Bluetooth speaker would? Seems logical, have to do the research but maybe someone else knows?

Previous sale comments asked this question but no answer posted. Research time.

Last sale comments say, “this is not a soundbar.” Why say that seems to be a soundbar, anyone know what’s different in defining one vs. the other?

Correct! Play via bluetooth from any bluetooth enabled audio device, or also plug in a USB stick to play from it. :slight_smile:

My “guess” is because it is more of an all-in-one (soundbar with subwoofer built-in), and much larger (deeper) than a sound"bar". :slight_smile:

Pricing on Amazon ranges from $150-$200. Not a bad deal on WOOT if you don’t have to have it tomorrow! :slight_smile:

My answer to your question in the other thread:

Sound bars are generally smaller in depth so they fit in front of your TV or can be hung on the wall. This is a sound stand that fits under your TV.

It’s all in what you want.

More info

I’ve had one of these for a couple of months and don’t know how I ever lived without it. Sometimes I switch back and forth between it and the TV speakers just to marvel at the improvement this system makes. I hear music that I’ve never heard with my TV speakers. Great for watching movies and streaming music through my Fire TV Stick.

Works great w/bluetooth. Like it a lot.

will this system broadcast via bluetooth to another wireless speaker located on the other side of the room?

Does it come with the remote?

Do most modern flat screens connect via bluetooth? Will my Vizio connect to this via bluetooth?

Nice system for a bedroom tv. It comes with a remote. It will play music via Bluetooth from your phone. Good price for a solid system that is real easy to connect.

Does the display on the front have a clock when the unit is off?

It connects to TV with included optical cable or HDMI cable not included.