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I have NEX-5, the Nex-3 is very similar. It’s a mirrorless so it smaller than a dSLR but the picture quality is very similar.

You can also install retro-lenses. Overall I’m very happy with the NEX cameras.

Here’s a pic I took of some stuff I got from the farmer’s market with my Sony Nex 3 Alpha (red) with a pancake lens.

Picture quality is fantastic and on par with a DSLR without the bulk. Body is well-constructed and durable. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a $2 lens cap keeper though, so you can easily pop the cap on and off without worrying about losing it constantly.

I love the camera. I paid $400 for it new, and think this is a pretty good deal. The body and pancake lens are slim enough together that I can toss the camera in my purse or messenger bag and bring it with me everywhere.
The camera OS is quick to respond, and there are modes that let you continuously shoot. Also fun in panorama mode - shutter is a little noisy though, so stealth pictures are tough; tl:dr: not ideal for panoramas in a library. I’ve used it to record short videos for YouTube, too, and it’s performed admirably.

Some beef short ribs I was working on. Apologies in advance if I break some tables.

I have the Sony DSC-HX20V/B and love it for snapshots in most any condition… Pros: clear pictures, great zoom, compact size, and reasonable battery life. Cons: None found

I have the Nex 3. It’s a terrific little camera. Lightweight, excellent picture quality and, for the base Nex model, some very nice features.

Sharing incriminating photos is a parent’s right!! :slight_smile:

I also have this camera (bought it a couple months ago for a trip to Alaska in June).

The photos I took were fantastic, as were the movies. I was thrilled.

In fact, the photos on my camera were often better than the ones my husband took on his much more expensive camera.

The zoom is great. The only complaint I have ever had about my Sony cameras (this is my 3rd) is that the bright reds can tend to be a bit blown out (most evident on something like red flowers close up).

I recommend this camera very highly and I would have liked to have purchased it for this price!

I got the HX-20 exactly a year ago, because at the time it was absolutely THE best compact camera for video. Sure you can do better if you go much bigger and generally much more expensive, but for a pocket sized unit it couldn’t be beat. Takes great stills too, and is generally very responsive as well - don’t under-estimate the importance of that. Great camera.

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I just received my HX20V and it is missing the battery!

Sorry to hear that you’re missing a part of your order.

Please email into Woot Member Services at and let them know.
They’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Finally received my Nex 3. Looks a little bit worn (at least the lens did). However everything works pretty well. Had to download and update the firmware (Rev 2 to Rev 5). Update went Ok, just basic instruction that was easy, but felt like it might not be the right way. Hoping to get a good lends cap on a string, the universal ones with adhesive seem like they are hit or miss. Any suggestions from the woot crowd?