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Does the head unit include the wiring harness?

If you mean the head unit’s wiring harness, yes. If you mean a harness specific to your vehicle, no.

It is a good deal on a DVD Head Unit that retails for over $300, though. You can visit or Sonic Electronix for price comparisons. Both are reputable retailers, but if you want to save some money buying any installation supplies specific to your vehicle from Sonic Electronix or

You’ll generally need a dash kit and, if you don’t want to cut any wires, a vehicle-specific harness. If you want to retain your factory steering wheel controls, assuming your car has them, that is a separate module that will need to be wired, and probably will require cutting factory wiring.

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From what I can see, the Head unit doesn’t have Bluetooth?

Is that correct? I was ready to purchase until I noticed Bluetooth wasn’t mentioned anywhere.

No Buetooth, no purchase. It is just too handy to ignore.

Could you link to which item you’re asking about? I’ll see what I can find out .

If you’re talking about the XAV-63, then no, it does not have bluetooth. The XAV-64BT is the version of that head unit that does have Bluetooth support.

Will the Sony CDX-GT66UPW work with my Iphone 5

According to the last page here:

no it won’t. The majority of head unit USB ports won’t work with the iPhone 5. However, I have seen some. And of those, their owners manual never mentioned the iPhone 5. So it would seem it’s a total poo shoot at this time. I’d suggest taking your USB cable and iPhone on down to Best Buy and trying it on their display model. And I wouldn’t worry about tiny differences in model number (dropping the “W” for example), as this is common practice for all electronics sold across various retailers. (Don’t get me started on that rant)

Bullseye advice. These parts are required for install. Crutchfield and sonicelectronix includes these parts at no charge when you buy the head unit from them. Example, the CDX-GT660UP is on Sonicelectronix for $99.99 shipped and it comes with the parts needed for install in your specific vehicle (and it’s new, not refurbed). As said in my previous posts, the model number may change slightly, but read the owners manual and look at the head unit. It’s the same dang thing. They pull this junk on flat panel TVs CONSTANTLY.

The Sony XS-R6944 Xplod are cheaper on Amazon ($42.99) with prime shipping. Third party seller, but still prime shipping.

Good reviews though.

Great Advice Thanks
Had a JVC for a few weeks, kids kicked the usb while the cable was plugged in.Radio works intermittently.USB is FUBAR now. JVC says repair is too costly but will sell me another face unit for $79. I need a single DIN and a rear aux for the sound for the kids TV in the van.
Off the Best BUY

Sony XAV-63 6.1" WVGA Touch Screen A/V Receiver <----Doesn’t appear to have bluetooth which, in this day and age, is unacceptable. Great head unit and I would strongly consider it if it had Bluetooth.

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Do the speaker come with grill covers? It sounds stupid but it doesn’t show or say anything about them.

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